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All you need to know about Diabetes

Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus is a type of metabolic disorder. It is a condition in which the body produces sugar for a long period of time. Well, it is one of the most known diseases in the current century. As per the report, there is 5 million death globally due to this disorder. This condition occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin. Therefore, the sugar level in the blood increases. Diabetes has a long term effect on the human body. It may affect your blood pressure, kidney, heart, and other vital organs. Well in the coming section, I am going to tell you all you need to know about Diabetes.


We often listen from people saying that their sugar level is high or low. It is actually, that person is suffering from a condition called Diabetes. In this condition, the body produces sugar for a long time, whereas, the pancreas is unable to produce enough amount of Insuline, that keeps the blood sugar level control from getting too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia).

Source: Diabetes UK

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes could lead to other diseases like blood pressure, kidney disorders, or even stroke. Diabetes is divided into three different types.

Type 1

This type of diabetes is also called juvenile diabetes. Type I diabetes is one of the most common types of diabetes. In this, the body is unable to produce insulin at all. The patient needs to take artificial insulin externally via injection.

Source: anmj.org.au

Type 2

This is the second type of diabetes. The patients suffering from Type II diabetes could produce insulin, but the body cell doesn’t respond to it like before. However, such patients use medication. This type has a link with Obesity.

Source: Menopause Health

Gestational diabetes

This type of diabetes usually occurs in pregnant women, when their body becomes sensitive to the insulin produced. After giving birth this diabetes problem is solved.

Source: John Hopkins Medicine


The normal level of blood glucose during the 12 hours of fasting is from 70 mg/dL to 99 mg/dL. Whereas, diabetic patient’s glucose is above 126 mg/dL during fasting. Prediabetes is a condition in which the sugar level of the patient is between 100 mg/dL and 125 mg/dL. It is almost similar to type 2 diabetes. The reason for prediabetes is the following.

  • Genetics
  • Over-weight
  • Suffering from PCOS
  • Age
  • Wrong eating habits.

Source: Unity Family Medicine

Cause of Diabetes

There are several causes of diabetes. It may be a family history or eating habits or even environmental cause. However, each kind of diabetes has different reasons, we will be discussing each of them under this heading.

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Cause for Type I Diabetes are as following

  • Autoimmune problem.
  • Sever infection usually bacterial or viral.
  • Toxins present in the food.
  • Sometimes Type 1 diabetes is also triggered by Genetic variation.

The following are the cause of Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Obesity
  • Eating fast food
  • Bad diet
  • Bad lifestyle

The following are some of the reasons for Gestational diabetes

  • Family history of Gestational diabetes.
  • Being Overweight.
  • Suffering from the condition of PCOS.
  • Weight of the baby.

In addition to the aforementioned causes, there are also some other reasons associated with the cause of diabetes, they may include.

  • Steroid-induced diabetes or steroid diabetes
  • Pancreatitis, which is an inflammation of the pancreas. 
  • Cushing’s syndrome which increases the Cortisol hormone also called stress hormone.
  • Over-exertion.
  • In some cases, the environment is also a major cause of diabetes. 

Signs and Symptoms

Well, in the aforementioned section we discussed diabetes and its types. In this section, we will talk about the signs and symptoms of it. Mostly all types of diabetes have common symptoms. You may feel the same as in all diabetes the body has lost its ability to maintain the sugar level. That’s why they have the same Signs & Symptoms. So these signs are

  • Frequent urination, usually at night
  • Cold sweats
  • Excessive thirst
  • Extreme hunger
  • Fatigue & Weakness
  • Blurred vision
  • Weight loss & Weight Gain
  • Shift in mood

Source: SwiftDoc

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Treatment of Diabetes

Our scientists and medical professionals have done a lot of research on this disorder. Ther are several medicines available in the market that can lower your blood sugar level. In addition to medicines, scientists have also developed artificial insulin that is readily available in the market. The patients can simply inject insulin in their blood and manages the blood sugar level. Although, they have to check the blood glucose level through a glucometer.

Source: Sanadyme.com

Type 1 diabetes is usually treated with the help of artificial insulin. Along with this, the patient has to do certain cardio exercises and control the diet. On the other hand, Type 2 diabetes is treated with the medication and by reducing the weight. Moreover, the patient may also treat by changing his or her diet. You should take medicines that are recommended by your medical professional. You also have to manage your diabetes along with treatment. The management will be discussed under the next heading.

Management of your Diabetes

Well, or the management of your diabetes you need to manage your diet, lifestyle and physical workout. We will discuss each of them here

With regards to the food, you should avoid a lot of things. For example, you cannot eat food that is rich in carbohydrates, as it will convert into glucose and your body during diabetes can’t control the glucose level. You should also avoid oily and fried things especially fast food. One of the main things you need to cut off completely is the sugar, you cant take sugar in any form. Although, you can use artificial sweeteners like Canderel.

Source: Psychology Today

With regards to the lifestyle, if you are a smoker then this is the best time to quit it. Moreover, you should also focus on daily morning walks and exercise. If you have spare time then you should join a gym. It will pass your time and will also improve your health. Moreover, if you are fat, your weight will also be maintained at the gym.

Source: Daily Mail

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