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Aggressive Advertisement & its Backfires


Advertisement is one of the most important tool brands used for their goods and services’ business promotion. It is very tough to hold both things at a time, capture the attention of their potential customers and cater to their demands upon preferences. The business industry uses a bunch of promotional and aggressive advertising to promote their businesses. However, their techniques can be followed by anyone to have a long term scope of one growth and profitability.

aggressive advertising
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The main goal is to prove high quality and reliability to the audience that brand targets through effective advertising, so It’s important to sustain the attention of the potential customers and loyal customers for every business.

aggressive advertising
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Different companies and businesses execute different styles and patterns of advertising methods, which help them reach their target audience and goals. However, some businesses are intense in providing an advantage in generating ads. Some Businesses detract their focus and commit mistakes of making the complete opposite of its advertising goals to the customers. Due to ads’ dynamic characteristics the ads, instead of attracting customers, make them feel hate those ads and push away from them. All the negative image appears in the customer’s mind.


Aggressive Advertisement

It is similar to bold advertising, it seems to scare the audience most of the time.  Such ads utilize tactics that are too pushy to handle. With its excessive features of driving the customers to look into their product, ads contain very bright colors in designs and huge bold letters for people’s attention. It all seems very unpleasant to the audience. Some ads try to threat the customers for not availing of any of their services or purchase products. Those days are gone when marketers use traditional approach and print business cards, flyers and brochures to excel their products.

aggressive advertising
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Every one of usually has experienced sudden pop-ups with high and bright colored graphic designs and large images with catchy letters of a product whenever we go online and click on a particular page while searching for another product. Meanwhile, we ignore such ads and don’t look into it. Such pops ups relate to aggressive advertising nowadays. Below mentioned are some examples you may recognize:

Examples of Aggressive Advertising

  • Pop up ads with huge letters and obscene images
  • Mobile applications with proficient density
  • Pop up ads with absolute time to end
  • Multiple auto-playing short videos with sounds and high color graphics
  • Full-screen ads

aggressive advertising
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  • Login web page and large ads that stick
  • Pretentious ads that won’t disappear until countdown ends
  • Extort people with charity ads
  • Ad banners which spread over main content of your webpage
  • Ads weaved, surrounding sides of main content

aggressive advertising

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Scaring your Customers

The constant calling and pop-ups of several images of aggressive advertising tease the customers and make them feel unwanted and scary. It let the customers consider why the company wants him to purchase the products if the one is not interested. A wise customer doesn’t entertain such ads due to lack of reliability. But even the most gullible customer will usually get frightened and scared of such ads.

aggressive advertising
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Free Advertisement

Some companies with commercial brands that try to show the competition with other companies through ads. A comparison and contrast of their products and their competing brands of other companies. It pretends to provide rival businesses a free advertisement or broachers, cheap business cards for their products and services.

aggressive advertising
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When potential customers feel the touchy influence done by this comparison tactic, they may change their minds, become savvy and opt to choose the other products of brands at the same offerings. It made them feel a warm approach in the other brand’s ads and shift to their preferences and the company loses its customer.


Whether your business has the top desire to reach its maximum sales within a short span of time or develop a much famous brand faster more than your competitors, it’s always imperative to consider the customers and potential buyers. However,  customer preferences and satisfaction must always be considered at priority for reaching the company’s target sales and overall development in the business industry.

aggressive advertising
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Top 4 Most Aggressive Advertisement Wars among Popular Brands

The most popular brands always struggle through compete at their best. These brands may also face aggressive advertising among their rivals and detract the concept of selling quality goods and services. Some wars among brands are:

1. McDonald’s vs. Burger King

aggressive advertising
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The first campaign of Burger King against McDonald was in 1982. However, it was started with a commercial, claiming that McDonald’s gave smaller burgers to kids. Later, McDonald’s sued the Burger King and Gellar on this ad, when it came to knowledge.  The major point was that McDonald’s didn’t stoop to the ad, making it against the brand. Over the years, the burger king even made more aggressive advertising against Macdonald, but it remained the no. 1 serving brand of fast food now and then.  It made the audience seems to wonder to select the best quality serving brands at that time.

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2. Apple vs. Microsoft

Microsoft and Apple have been known as a famous brand with modern technology electronics and software. In 2000, the Apple market team suggested launching an ad regarding “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC”. This ad was transmitted in the UK and US to explore the new market of inventions and the strengthens of Apple’s brand in software. This ad was creative as it highlights the functionality of the Apple brand. As a result of aggressive advertising, the war between both brands came to existence that Microsoft released an ad in which the brand claimed that Apple used tactics to engage their customers and focused on its steep price of hardware through “Laptop Hunters” commercials. This made the things tenser among the brands. However, Apple remained humble and became market leader, didn’t attack back, with slight reprieve.

aggressive advertising
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3. Pepsi vs. Coke

Pepsi and Coke have been going smoothly in its trademark almost a century, but things didn’t work straight when Pepsi has launched its Pepsi Challenge campaign in 1975. This made the Coke experience the disastrous launched of the “New Coke” brand in 1986 to enhance its new image, but it backlashes quickly by the public. Pepsi despite their tireless rivalry as the coke remained the recognized brands all over.

aggressive advertising
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The two have fought in commercials, campaigns, social media though the feuding didn’t sour either in both company’s ethics: However, In 2006, Pepsi was offered Coke’s secret formula by the employer but it refused to continue the honor in war.

4. Apple vs. Samsung

aggressive advertising
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When we talk about smartphones, the first known brands came in mind, Apple and Samsung.  Samsung lost big to Apple in case of intellectual property, which soured the company’s relationship as a partnership. With the aggressive advertising campaign, Apple launches Apple’s iPhone 5, which was released in September, barely decided to take swipes at Apple by comparing the newest released Cupertino to Samsung’s Galaxy SIII by Samsung. Declaring that “The Next Big Thing is Already Here,” Samsung developed several prints, ads, social media highlights poking fun at Apple’s products to the over-dedicated fan base. However, ads were a big success and may have played a role in the drawback of Apple in consumer appeal and stock price.  Retaliation may be in the works among both brands in aggressive advertising wars.

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