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A Road Trip To Northern Areas During Eid Holidays? Think Again

Eid is approaching fast. As Ramadan is behind us we are all eagerly waiting for the Eid holiday. Students will get a sigh of relief, people with a job would get breaks from their tiring schedules. There will be peace everywhere for some time. But Eid can get extremely boring for many people.

More importantly, children get fussy during these days. Generally, families pack their suitcases and go for a week or 2 up north. That’s, fine totally worth it. However, planning this trip in Eid holidays is a major mistake.

You see not only us but this thought occurs in each and every mind of individuals in Pakistan. The north is the go-to place for everyone who wants to get away from city life.

Thus, if you want a peaceful and smooth trip I’ll highly recommend not going on Eid holidays. Here are some reasons why:

Traffic Jams

You might think Oh traffic jam is totally a normal thing to face. Well, it’s, not! Not at this scale. Last year it was reported that families had to even spend nights in their car due to severe traffic blocks on the motorway and in Islamabad.

Islamabad Traffic Jam

When there is a traffic jam in Pakistan thing can go really south. People go insane and start to do violent actions just to breakthrough. So if you want to face a tedious amount of time in your car strapped to seat belt then go ahead.


Overly Crowded

When you go to the north of Pakistan it is to relax and move around easily. If you plan on going during the Eid holiday be prepared. Cause most of the population will be there. Furthermore, it is so stuffy and it is no fun at all.

A Crowd in Murree

It won’t be any different as going through the busy road of Lahore or Karachi. due to less road clearance, people come on foot. Major disadvantages to that are you can be easily get pickpocketed, steep roads make you more tired than ever. Lastly, the cold wears you down.


Price Hikes in Hotels

Don’t be surprised that your tens of thousands of rupees get to spend only on living. Yes, that’s right! The hotels get extremely overpriced even the mediocre ones as well. Thus, all your saving has gone in just a few days.

A hotel in Murree


Mainstream places such as Murree and Nathia Gali aside considering Kashmir or Gilgit, all hotels there will have skyrocketing prices.


Hard to get a reservation

During the “in seasons,” it is really hard to book a room in a good hotel. Moreover, if they do accept your reservations it is by paying advance. From one point of view that is understandable but for those who can’t afford advance payment are in a mess.


What to do about all this?

Well from my personal experience I can safely say forget about going on Eid holidays. Wait for 2 or 3 weeks. Then plan out a perfect trip. By you go there most of the rush will be cleared.

Hotel prices will also become somewhat reasonable. It will be easier to get a booking in good hotels.

In short, your trip will be significantly better than going on Eid Holidays



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