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A Pakistani Kid Won AI Award in the US


There are several examples in which Pakistani kids have made their nation proud but our media is busy somewhere else instead of acknowledging and appreciating these ‘Gems of Nation’. In a recent event, AI World Championship held in Santa Clara, US, Mohammad Yasir participated with his family. He proposed the idea of cavity crusher which helped the team to win the championship.

Mohammad Yasir won AI Competition
Credits: https://twitter.com/Sana_PSC

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Background of Mohammad Yasir:

Mohammad Yasir is a 10 years old, Pakistani boy. He lives in Karachi and is Hafiz-e-Quran. Additionally, he has a keen interest in science subjects. Therefore, besides his studies, he applied for the competition where there were 7500 competitors but he did not lose his hope. He was encouraged by his family, mainly by his father to share his idea.


Mohammad Yasir won AI Competition
Credits: https://twitter.com/Sana_PSC

Cavity Crusher:

Mohammad Yasir observed the brushing routine of the kids and concluded that the kids do not brush their teeth for 4 minutes (recommended time to brush). So, he shared his idea to make a device that keeps the record of brushing time for the kids. Furthermore, that record will be checked by their parents to maintain a check of brushing time. So, the device was named ‘Cavity Crusher’.


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Nowadays, the kids are facing numerous health issues and one of them is having a cavity. Parents keep on telling their children to avoid eating sugary items but we all know children find a way to get more candies, chocolates and like stuff. Here, cavity crusher will help the parents to look up the brushing habit to prevent their kids from cavity issues.


Mohammad Yasir won AI Competition
Credits: https://twitter.com/Sana_PSC

Mohammad Yasir’s team:

The event encouraged the children to work with their family. Mohammad Yasir shared his idea and his family worked on it with a coach- Sana Mehmood. After this huge victory, Sana Mehmood shared her happiness working with the family. Above all, Mohammad Yasir’s father inspired him to participate in the competition and he himself participated as a team member.

Mohammad Yasir won AI Competition
Credits: https://twitter.com/Sana_PSC

Fathers should spend productive time with their children to help development in their children. Apart from this, it boosts up the confidence of the children and they stay motivated to do more.


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Moreover, Pakistan needs more coaches like Sana Mehmood and institutes like science camp that stimulate science awareness.

Know more about Cavity Crusher: HOW CAVITY CRUSHER WORKS?

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