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A drug dealer’s spiritual enlightenment

The life here on this Earth has a way of getting things done. Throughout your life, you’ll have a series of upside-down moments. For those people who say their life is over they’re completely misled. It is never too late to start all over again. Today I’ll talk about a drug dealer’s spiritual enlightenment.

Many things are common in life but this is not one of them. I believe that when you start to mold yourself to be on the right path it’s a divine process.

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Story at hand

It’s never too late to make a U-turn. Getting things back on track and ready to go on with life. This article is a third-person narration. Let’s move forward with the story.

Well, an Imam of a mosque narrated his whole story in bits and pieces and it was really nice hearing about his life. The person (subject) was born and raised in a family full of criminals. His mother tried to shield him as much as he could. Eventually, he turned to his family background.

At the age of only 14 years, he started selling drugs at his schools, started robbing things. He got the tattoos on his body as well. You might be getting some gangster type vibes, well more or less the same situation.

23 years old, he had been to prison twice. At the time he lived in California where there is a law of 3 strikes. 3rd strike, means a life sentenced. At 23 years old he was arrested again.

This person went on by saying that one night in my cell I started to think about the life sentence. That I could very well spend the rest of my life in jail. This led him to perform a “Sajjada”.” It had been nearly 10 years since I did Sajjada” he said.

The feeling of being in jail forever got to him deeply. Performing a Sajjada made him tremble with fear and regret as he cried all night long. Prayed to Allah Subhanautallah that to give him another chance he would surely change his ways.

He told the Imam that his mother wanted him to be a Hafiz-e-Quran to revive the tradition that his grandfather did.

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Spiritual enlightenment

The next day he was presented in front of the court. Surprisingly, the judge asked him if he lets him go what would he do? He uttered by saying that he had a change of heart repented and going to seek redemption in his religion.

Hence, when getting out he got to his mother hugged her tight. Right after that, he asked for money upfront. Her mother coughed up about 40 or 50 Dollars. He immediately asked to be dropped off at a bus stop.

This person traveled to the nearest Islamic Center where he went to learn the Quran got referred to another place who taught Quran 200 miles further.

He eventually memorized the whole Quran in 8 MONTHS! That is a huge deal coming from a person who didn’t even have a clue of basics.

A drug dealer's spiritual enlightenment
Credits: “quraniconnection.tv”

This person has a beautiful family now years later and he himself is making them learn the Quran on his own.

All this story was told to the Imam of a mosque where he went to offer his prayers. It was really curious matter as the guy was covered in tattoos.

So the moral of the story is it is not too late to turn around. Sometimes miracles happen to the worst of us. This is a calling from Allah to be closer to him.


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