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Background and History of UCP:

On 15 August 1996, The Punjab Group of Colleges petitioned Government of Punjab for the establishment of a university in the province. In response to this petition, the government issued a No Objection Certificate on 11 October 1999. The university started operating the same year and initially offered courses in Management Studies, Information Technology, Commerce and Law. The chairman of the University of Central Punjab is Mian Amer Mehmood.


  • Vision:
    To become an internationally acclaimed University in teaching and research.
  • Mission:
    To provide quality education to the youth of our nation in a stimulating and conducive learning environment by equipping them with the intellectual and technological tools necessary to meet the challenges of the future.




UCP Faculties:

UCP is now offering several degrees in 10 different departments. Above all, these degrees have comprehensive road maps that are followed by the students with the help of their specialized teachers. Apart from this, UCP has recruited specialized teachers who are trained frequently throughout the year to maintain the quality education of the institute. Further, these workshops help the instructors to update their knowledge with the passage of time which ultimately fortifies the understanding of the students. Let’s have a look at these faculties and their respective degrees!


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UCP Business School:

UCP started its journey from PBCA in 2002 and now it is successful enough to manage thousands of students under one school- UCP Business School. Previously, Business students used to have classes in the main building (A Building), later on, the Business School shifted to B-Building and now, UCP Business School has its separate building i.e. C-Building. C-Building is fully equipped with teaching tools to influence student learning via a student-centric approach.

Business students need to be active and confident enough to communicate and facilitate dealings between companies/clients. Therefore, UCP Business School has not only directed the students to their road map courses but has also motivated the students to become a better version of them. Eventually, the students work on their skills and discover their hidden talents.

There are mainly five divisions and the students select their majors/ specialization from them. It includes Management, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneur, and Information Technology. Other than this, the students have to complete their core courses and elective courses. Addition to this, the students need to complete their VIS hours and an internship to get the degree (In case of BBA only).

UCP Business School is offering:

  1. BBA
  3. MS Business Administration
  4. Ph.D. Business Administration



  3. MS Business Administration (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  4. Ph.D. Business Administration (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)

Road Map:

  1. BBA (Find: BBA ROAD MAP)
  2. MBA (Find: MBA ROAD MAP)
  4. MS Business Administration (Find: MS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROAD MAP)
  5. Ph.D. Business Administration (Find: PH.D. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROAD MAP)


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Faculty of Information Technology:

UCP Faculty of Information Technology is known for its highly qualified staff. In addition to this, there are well-equipped labs for the students and the staff members to spend more time in research and development. As a result, many graduates have worked on exceptional FYPs and now they are working in some of the outstanding companies.

We are proud to disclose the fact that UCP Faculty of IT has launched 6 centers; Centre of Learning and Design, Centre for Game Design, Conseil for Mathematics, Centre for Robotics and security, Centre for International Languages and Centre for Healthcare Modeling and Informatics.

All centers have successfully completed the astounding projects and many are in process. One of those centers, Centre of Learning and Design has helped UCP to develop 5 educational tools are enlisted below:

  1. Learning Management System (Visit: foitlms.ucp.edu.pk)
  2. UCP Business School LMS (Visit: biz.ucp.edu.pk)
  3. Hypermedia Learning System for English Language (Visit: hl.ucp.edu.pk)
  4. UCP Zero Semester for Computing and Mathematics (Visit: zs.ucp.edu.pk)
  5. Classroom Response System of Automatic Quizzes

Faculty of IT offers three-degree programs:

  1. BS Computer Science
  2. BS Software Engineering
  3. MS Computer Science
  4. Ph.D. Computer Science

Note: All BS are BS honors and are of fours years degree programs.

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  1. BS Computer Science (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  2. BS Software Engineering (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  3. MS Computer Science (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  4. Ph.D. Computer Science (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)


Road Map:

  2. BS Software Engineering (Find: BS SOFTWARE ENGINEERING ROAD MAP)
  3. MS Computer Science (Find: MSCS ROAD MAP)
  4. PhD Computer Science (Find: PH.D. CS ROAD MAP)


School of Media and Communication Studies:

This school is well-known for producing excellent students. Currently, more than 500 students are enrolled in the school. So, UCP has built its own TV Studio/In House Production, NLE, and Radio Station FM 92.6 with cutting-edge technology. It helps the students to apply their bookish knowledge in a practical way.

Moreover, there four specializations in this department, including  Mass Communication and Research, Professional Journalism, Broadcast Film and Theater Studies, and Advertising and Public Relations.

Furthermore, there is experienced staff to train the students to cope up with daily challenges of mass communication fields. Additionally, it offers news anchoring short courses. If you are passionate about seeking your future in Mass and communication, then UCP has much more to deliver you.

School of Media and Communication Studies is offering:

  1. BS Media and Communication Studies
  2. MSc Journalism and Mass Communication
  3. M Phil Media and Communication Studies
  4. Ph.D. Media and Communication Studies


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  1. BS Media and Communication Studies (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  2. MSc Journalism and Mass Communication (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  3. M Phil Media and Communication Studies (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  4. Ph.D. Media and Communication Studies (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)


Road Map:

  1. BS Media and Communication Studies (Find: BS MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES ROAD MAP)
  2. MSc Journalism and Mass Communication (Find: MSc JOURNALISM AND MASS COMM. ROAD MAP)
  3. M Phil Media and Communication Studies (Find: M PHIL MEDIA AND COMM. ROAD MAP)
  4. Ph.D. Media and Communication Studies (Find: PH.D. MEDIA AND COMM ROAD MAP)


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School of Accounting and Finance:

It is another branch of Faculty of Management. With the passage of time, the accounting profession is stimulating so UCP laid the foundation of the School of Accounting and Finance. Here, hundreds of students graduate with Accounting degree and serve the people in the market. Furthermore, this school focuses on practical implications of Accounting, Finance and Banking. Moreover, there are two types of specialization i.e. Accounting and Finance, and Banking and Finance. Therefore, the students who qualify from the School of Accounting and Finance get an edge over other similar degree holders.

The curriculum keeps on updating the management to address changing business trends. If you are seeking your future in Accounting and Finance or related degree, you will find it really helpful. It offers the following degrees:

  1. BS Accounting and Finance
  2. M. Com
  3. MS Accounting and Finance
  4. Phil Accounting and Finance
  5. PhD Accounting and Finance


  1. BS Accounting and Finance (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  2. M. Com (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  3. MS Accounting and Finance (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  4. Phil Accounting and Finance (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  5. Ph.D. Accounting and Finance (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)




Road Map:

  1. BS Accounting and Finance (Find: BS ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE ROAD MAP)
  2. MCom UCP (Find: M. COM ROAD MAP)
  3. MS Accounting and Finance (Find: MS ACCOUNTING ROAD MAP)
  4. Phil Accounting and Finance (Find: M PHIL ACCOUNTING ROAD MAP)
  5. Ph.D. Accounting and Finance (Find: PH.D. ACCOUNTING ROAD MAP)




Faculty of Engineering:

There are three departments under faculty of engineering i.e. Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. UCP has arranged all the facilities according to the HEC requirements. You can verify the fact visiting Pakistan Engineering Council

This faculty offers the following courses:

  1. BS Electrical Engineering
  2. MS Electrical Engineering
  3. Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
  4. BS Mechanical Engineering
  5. MS Mechanical Engineering
  6. BS Civil Engineering
  7. MS Civil Engineering
  8. BS Civil Engineering Technology



  1. BS Electrical Engineering (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  2. MS Electrical Engineering (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  3. Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  4. BS Mechanical Engineering (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  5. MS Mechanical Engineering (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  6. BS Civil Engineering (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  7. MS Civil Engineering (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  8. BS Civil Engineering Technology (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)


Road Map:

  1. BS Electrical Engineering (Find: BS ELECTRICAL ENG ROAD MAP)
  2. BS Electrical Engineering Technology (Find: BS ELECTRICAL ENG TECHNOLOGY ROAD MAP)
  3. MS Electrical Engineering (Find: MS ELECTRICAL ENG ROAD MAP)
  4. Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (Find: PH.D. ELECTRICAL ENG ROAD MAP)
  5. BS Mechanical Engineering (Find: BS MECHANICAL ENG ROAD MAP)
  6. BS Mechanical Engineering Technology (Find: BS MECHANICAL ENG TECHNOLOGY ROAD MAP)
  7. MS Mechanical Engineering (Find: MS MECHANICAL ENG ROAD MAP)
  8. BS Civil Engineering (Find: BS CIVIL ENG ROAD MAP)
  9. MS Civil Engineering (Find : MS CIVIL ENG ROAD MAP)
  10. BS Civil Engineering Technology (Find: BS CIVIL ENG TECHNOLOGY ROAD MAP)


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Faculty of Sciences:

Science has remained an important part of our workload from the primary class. Therefore, UCP has introduced this faculty to provide the students with leading-edge education which will help them to meet future challenges.

Faculty of Science is offering:

  1. BS Mathematics
  2. BS Chemistry
  3. BS Physics
  4. BS Zoology
  5. BS Botany
  6. BS Statistics


Road Map:

  1. BS Mathematics (Find: BS MATHEMATICS ROAD MAP)
  2. BS Chemistry (Find: BS CHEMISTRY ROAD MAP)
  3. BS Physics (Find: BS PHYSICS ROAD MAP)
  4. BS Zoology (Find: BS ZOOLOGY ROAD MAP)
  5. BS Botany (Find: BS BOTANY ROAD MAP)
  6. BS Statistics (Find: BS STATISTICS ROAD MAP)


Faculty of Pharmacy:

UCP has established this faculty to meet the need for pharmacists in the local and international market. Importantly, all of us are aware of health issues in Pakistan. So, UCP has taken an initiative to provide pharmacy professionals.

The students are given full-service library where they can consult over 40,000 books, 2000 CDs, 45 magazines and much more. Addition to this, there is research and experiment laboratories for the students.

This department is offering the following degrees:

  1. BS Pharmacy
  2. M Phil Pharmacy





  1. BS Pharmacy (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  2. M Phil Pharmacy (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)


Road Map:

  1. BS Pharmacy (Find: BS PHARM D ROAD MAP)
  2. M Phil Pharmacy (Find: M PHIL PHARM D ROAD MAP)


Faculty of Life Sciences:

UCP Faculty of Life Sciences aims to cover a wide spectrum of biological courses. For the purpose, UCP has recruited highly qualified staff and has built labs for research and experiment purposes. Mainly there are three departments under faculty of life sciences including Biotechnology, Biochemistry, and Microbiology.

It offers the following degrees:

  1. BS Biotechnology
  2. MS Biotechnology
  3. BS Biochemistry
  4. MS Biochemistry
  5. Ph.D. Biochemistry
  6. BS Microbiology
  7. MS Microbiology
  8. Ph.D. Microbiology
  9. BS Food Science and Technology





  1. BS Biotechnology (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  2. MS Biotechnology (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  3. BS Biochemistry (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  4. MS Biochemistry (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  5. Ph.D. Biochemistry (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  6. BS Microbiology (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  7. MS Microbiology (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  8. Ph.D. Microbiology (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  9. BS Food Science and Technology (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)


Road Map:

  1. BS Biotechnology (Find: BS BIOTECHNOLOGY ROAD MAP)
  2. MS Biotechnology (Find: MS BIOTECHNOLOGY ROAD MAP)
  3. BS Biochemistry (Find: BS BIOCHEMISTRY ROAD MAP)
  4. MS Biochemistry (Find: MS BIOCHEMISTRY ROAD MAP)
  5. Ph.D. Biochemistry (Find: PH.D. BIOCHEMISTRY ROAD MAP)
  6. BS Microbiology (Find: BS MICROBIOLOGY ROAD MAP)
  7. MS Microbiology (Find: MS MICROBIOLOGY ROAD MAP)
  8. Ph.D. Microbiology (Find: PH.D. MICROBIOLOGY ROADMAP)
  9. BS Food Science and Technology (Find: BS FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ROAD MAP)


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences:

Currently, there are three departments under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences i.e. Department of Psychology, Department of Economics and Department of English. There are some misconceptions regarding these departments that there are a few jobs in the market related to these departments but UCP has worked on the course material of these departments. Thus, besides learning the course components, the students acquire communication skills too. Apart from this, UCP encourages independent thinking and professional responsibility. So, UCP trains the students to pursue better job opportunities.

UCP offers the following degree options in respective departments:

  1. BS Psychology
  2. MS Clinical Psychology
  3. Ph.D. Psychology
  4. BS Economics
  5. MS/M Phil Economics
  6. BS English Language and Literature
  7. MS/ M Phil Applied Linguistic
  8. MS/ M Phil English Literature
  9. BS International Relations



  1. BS Psychology (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  2. MS Clinical Psychology (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  3. Ph.D. Psychology (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  4. BS Economics (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  5. MS/M Phil Economics (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  6. BS English Language and Literature (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  7. MS/ M Phil Applied Linguistic (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  8. MS/ M Phil English Literature (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)
  9. BS International Relations (Find: FACULTY MEMBERS)


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Road Map:

  1. BS Psychology (Find: BS PSYCHOLOGY ROAD MAP)
  2. MS Clinical Psychology (Find: MS CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY ROAD MAP)
  3. Ph.D. Psychology (Find: PH.D. PSYCHOLOGY ROAD MAP)
  4. BS Economics (Find: BS ECONOMICS ROAD MAP)
  5. MS/M Phil Economics (Find: MS/M PHIL ECONOMICS)
  6. BS English Language and Literature (Find: BS ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE ROAD MAP)
  7. MS/ M Phil Applied Linguistic (Find: MS/ M PHIL APPLIED LINGUISTIC)
  8. MS/ M Phil English Literature (Find: MS/M PHIL ENGLISH LITERATURE ROAD MAP)
  9. BS International Relations (Find: BS INTERNATIONAL RELATION ROAD MAP)


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Faculty of Law:

Laws are made for the citizens of the state to promote peace, integrity and well- being of the nation. So, UCP wants to play an active role in making responsible citizens and making the system reliable. For the purpose, there is the Faculty of Law in UCP which helps the students to learn the fundamentals of law. Furthermore, there is a MOOT courtroom and on-campus Law Clinic to practice the learning. Above there is outstanding faculty, which includes Nasira Iqbal and many other highly qualifies lecturers.

Faculty of Law only offers LLB for 5 years.



Road Map:



UCP Facilities:


UCP Library

The University of Central Punjab as a full-service library on campus to serve the study and research needs of its students and faculty members. The library stock is over 40,000 books and 1800 research projects in print format. In addition, the High Education Commission has given our campus access to 12,000 online, 2350 reference books. Which includes a wide variety of dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks. Furthermore, directories, Islamic collection, and other tools that support research in all fields of study.

UCP Library

Library provides access to about 40 online scholarly databases to meet the needs of researches. Furthermore, it has a subscription to more than 40 print journals and 16 newspapers. However, The multimedia section has a collection of renowned documentaries, lectures, and educational films.

The library also offers to ask a librarian, content Alert, Electronic Document delivery, Anti Plagiarism, and citation Services.  However, the library is fully automated and its collection can be searched online from the library’s website


UCP Library ‘s Objectives 

UCP Library

  • Function as a vital information center, supporting the educational process of the university.
  • To facilitate library users for effective using the library resources.
  • Firstly, Gather collections and then provide access to materials in all formats to support curricula and programs.
  • It also motivates and helps students in becoming information literates and lifelong learners.

The library is open during working hours at the university with a peaceful learning environment.



UCP Transport

The transport facility is provided to students on nominal monthly charges. A fleet of 12 comfortable buses travels along 8 routes through the Lahore city every hour.  The administration department presides over the transport office and accommodates students.  Moreover, faculty members who want to avail of safe means of transport.


UCP Sport Complex

The University of Central Punjab facilitates the physical wellbeing of its community through a specifically designed Sports Complex that presides on campus.


Swimming Pool/ Gym Facility

UCP pool

To provide a healthy environment for the students a swimming pool. Moreover, a state of the art gym is available to the students. Both males and females separately for sports and physical activities. However, the beginning of university isn’t just about studying. It’s a time when you will meet new friends, experience new places. Moreover, involved with the numerous social activities that your university has to offer.


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On-Campus Girls Hostels

UCP Hostel

UCP provides accommodation to female students in the on-campus girl’s hostel. It has a place to accommodate 200 students at a time. UCP hotel has fully air conditioning, unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity, a common room. Moreover, a TV lounge, a prayer room, and a generator supported the power supply. However, female students are comfortable during the time they reside within the university.


Cafeteria/Food Street

UCP Cafe

There are a number of different food options available on campus. There are two cafeterias for students, a food street and an executive lounge for faculty members. The cafeterias are air-conditioned. However, provide a range of snacks and meal options that are available to students throughout the day.

UCP food streets

UCP food street situated inside the campus however offers various traditional foods. Such as BBQ, halwa puri, chaat, Dahi-Baray, gol-gappy, fresh juices, and shakes.



Girls Common Room

UCP common room

UCP has a girl’s common room in old as well as in a new building. with comfortable sofas and facilities of power for charging also. A peace atmosphere for offering to pray. In their free time, the students come and relax.


Media Hub

UCP media hub


UCP media hub

The radio broadcast station within the Faculty of Media and Communication Studies. However, equipped with updated machines and technology.  The only radio station by a university in Pakistan that airs a 24/7 transmission. The creation of FM 92.6 is an important step in the educational history of the UCP. In addition, 500 Watts FM Transmitter and 20 KM radius. In UCP radio, students get the opportunity to work together and to keep the airwaves lively. Moreover, Students learn voice broadcasting techniques, making documentaries.

Further, magazine programs and Newsreel production. Also, Live transmission and other program formats. Students learn the art of vocal production and present their program live and recorded etc.


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In audio terminals, the student performs all major editing tasks and learn how to edit, trim, mix, record and apply an effect and much more functionality on audio. However, the rapid growth of the media market and it’s further integration with social media, UCP FM radio station has aimed to produce Bi-media Professional for existing National and international media market. Furthermore, Live streaming to explore new voice artists/ talents, auditions are held every 6 months under the supervision of highly trained UCP media professionals.

Production House

UCP media hub

Housed in the Faculty of Media and Communication Studies the state-of-the-art production house. Similarly, equipped with new generation media production facilities. However, the motive behind this is to make education relevant and to create industry fit for the skilled workforce. The training process aims to strike a balance between the theoretical and practical approaches.  It has invaluable infrastructure assets like HD Cameras, Professional vision mixer. In addition, Audio Switcher, iMac Editing Machine, studio lights, and grid.  Furthermore, It  has the capacity to produce

  •  News Bulletins.
  • current Affairs Shows.
  • Documentaries.
  • Short Films etc.

Non-Linear Editing Labs

Faculty of Media and Communication Studies has established a non-linear editing lab. Equipped with 40 specialized computers to yield fast and meticulous results while working on video projects, post-production film editing, and 2D animation. In addition, UCP systems are installed with the latest applications making it one of the most effective NLE labs any institute or production house has owned up till now in Pakistan. Moreover, Editing labs provide students working on projects related to graphic designing and visual communication.


Chinese Language Lab

The University of Central Punjab has introduced Chinese Language courses in collaboration with the Pak-China Chamber of Commerce & Industry as well as Chinese Universities. However, provides Level-I and Level-II of Chinese Language certification according to Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) standards. Moreover, the Chinese Consulate General has provided a well-equipped Chinese Lab to UCP.



UCP auditorium

University of Central Punjab auditorium acts as a nerve center for all activities and events that take place on the campus. The auditorium has an advanced lighting and sound system. The capacity of accommodating 400 people at a time.

It allows the University of Central Punjab to play host to a myriad of events such as conferences, speaker sessions, musical performances, theatre plays as well as national TV show recordings. Built according to international standards.


Bookstore Facility

UCP bookshop

At UCP bookshop mainly you can find stationery some books, mobile covers, mobile accessories, you can print your documents color and black and white. Moreover, you can photocopy your documents in black and white and color. This also facilities you to print a shirt or a cup according to your own choice. In addition, a number of computers in Bookshop in which students come and work for a meanwhile and get the prints.


Class Rooms

UCP classrooms

The infrastructure of the classroom is based on comfortable seats with attached tables. The layout of the room is developed as a conference room. Classes at UCP are well maintained and fully air-conditioned. The capacity of accommodating more than 60 students in a single classroom. Similarly, Students have a likely environment. A single class contains the best projectors which are bright and offer networking features. Furthermore, students can present their activities.


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The University of Central Punjab provides students with state of the art engineering, IT, pharmacy and science laboratories. To complement their learning through experimentation and hands-on experience.


Electrical Engineering Department Labs



Data Communication Networking & CISCO lab

UCP hosts a CISCO Reginal Networking Academy, where students are given both theoretical and hands-on training up to the CCNA level. This Networking Academy has instructors trained from London UK.

Electrical Engineering Lab

The Electrical Engineering laboratory is well equipped with modern digital and analog electronic measuring instruments.


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Electrical Machine Lab

This lab has facilities to perform an experiment related to DC machines, Transformers and induction machines.

Electronics Engineering Lab

The laboratory is equipped with the state of the art digital and analog instruments. Furthermore, the lab supports the practical work for electronics, integrated electronics, and power electronics.

Telecommunication Lab

The telecommunication engineering lab has 12 workstations equipped with the latest analog and digital test and measuring instruments, Rader communication trainers, Electro-optic trainer, and telecommunication trainer.

Power Engineering lab

It provides training in

  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • protection
  • Distribution

Microwaves & Communication System Engineering Laboratory

It is well equipped to provide an excellent grounding in basic microwave measurements right from analysis to the design and investigation of the complete microwave system.

Control Engineering lab

The control system lab is a platform to provide hardware-based practical experience.


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IT infrastructure


The University of Central Punjab provides a learning environment. The academic experience of students is supported through extensive lab setup. In addition, 20 teachings, 5 General and 2 research Labs that are with the latest computers from DELL, HP, Sun, Apple, and IBM. Moreover, labs offer a seating capacity of 1700 students. Computing facilities are complemented with free printing, uninterrupted power supply, high bandwidth internet access, and wifi hotspot.

Mechanical Engineering labs

UCP mechanical Labs

Thermodynamics Lab

The main object of this fundamental lab to enable students to gain practical knowledge. Moreover, skills related to the field of thermal power plants, turbomachine, and energy.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Lab

The HVAC lab is equipped to demonstrate the basic principle of heat transfer, working of heat exchangers and HAVC equipment. Moreover, offers an apparatus for measuring the fundamental processes like heat conduction, convection, and different thermal properties.

Fluids Mechanics Lab

Mechanical Engineering Department focuses on workshops for students. A well-equipped workshop with highly trained staff, provide hands-on training on the bench working machining welding, casting, woodworking, and electrical machine.

Engineering Statics and Dynamics Lab

This lab has the latest apparatus To verify the principles and covers experiments.

Mechanics of Material Lab

The lab is sufficiently equipped with the latest apparatus to conduct experiments related to mechanical properties and do experimental stress analysis.

Mechanics of Machine Lab

The student understands elements related to the basics of the machine including gear, bearing, governors, and verity of mechanism.

Computer-Aided Design

The lab is established to train students in computer-aided drafting, computer-aided designing, computer-aided manufacturing, and computer-aided analysis. The lab contains core i7 desktops and licensed software.

Metrology lab

The metrology lab is designed with the objective that enables the student to explain issues, use modern & conventional measurement tools.

UCP Bio Mechatronics lab

The Bio Mechatronics lab at UCP focuses on the development of robotics devices to help people with limb disabilities.

Drawing Hall

A large spaced drawing hall is available, filled with 50 tables for building student skills. The concept of transforming a 3D model to 2Ddrawing.

Civil Engineering Laboratories

UCP Civil Labs

Engineering Mechanics Lab

Mechanics form the underlying scientific foundation for a wide range, however, It has a combination of fundamental science and a variety of engineering disciplines.

Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Engineering Lab

These labs are located in the new building as well as in Old building covers 1200 square feet. The lab is equipped with state of the art hydraulic flume, turbines, and sediment transport apparatus. Moreover the hydraulic bench, and other modern and latest equipment.

Structural Engineering Lab

This lab provides the facility of full-scale structure testing, model testing, stress analysis and material property determination of materials.

Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering lab

This lab covers 1200 square feet area. The use of this lab is to perform experiments related to geotechnical engineering. It is also used to apply testing principles to the measurement of fundamental aspects of soil behavior.

Environmental Engineering Lab

The covers an area of 1200 square feet containing five modern and station each sufficient to cater to eight students. This also for a broad range of physical, chemical, biological testing.


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Transplant and highway Lab

The use of this lab is to conduct a standard test for asphalt pavement design and paving material for ungraduated teaching. It is also conducting all standardize tests to achieve a quality of highway. This also underlines the objectives of soil and binders in terms of their properties and control quality.

Computer Laboratory

The lab contains a core i7 desktops. A student not only attains skills to work for software moreover, but they also use the lab for the final year project.

Survey Store

The survey store is established with measuring instruments for distance. such as vertical, horizontal angles, and elevation. Furthermore, this also helps in the art facility.

Office of Research, innovation, and commercialization (ORIC)

The office of Research, innovation, and commercialization were established in January 2016 at the UCP. The priority of ORIC is to develop a dynamic and internationally cooperative search. Which made a major contribution to economic prosperity.

Objective of ORIC

  • Strengthen the university-industry relationship.
  • Research and education at all levels.
  • Increasing and diversifying external research funding.
  • Supporting the university research direction and policies.


Volunteers in Service (VIS) Program


To shape up UCP students into responsibilities citizens of the community, Volunteer in Services (VIS) program was launch in 2007.   Where ever the student has to perform volunteer work before graduation. This includes local and international organizations such as NGOs, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Formal and non-Formal schools, etc. However, the VIS department has grown many folds not only in terms of the number of volunteers and partner organizations. But has also grown into a very well develop Volunteer Engagement Program over year.


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Student Council

Student Council is the true reflection of the University of Punjab. The main role of the student council as set out in the education Act is to promote the interests of the institution and the role of the student. This enhances communication between students, management and faculty. It promotes an environment conducive to educational and personal development.

This brings respect and a true friendship between the pupils. It represents the views of the students on the general matters which concerns. Moreover to support the management and staff in the field of the development organization.


Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)

Quality Enhancement cell at UCP as set high standards of teaching. Learning, and research for the teachers and students. Best learning outcomes and trust of employees and parents.

Objectives of QEC

  • Promote Quality and Assessment culture for continuous quality improvement.
  • To take initiates for capacity building
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of each Academic & Administrative department of the university. In addition, to conducting a periodic survey and sharing findings.


The UCP Alumni Association

UCP holds the meetings with the Alumni. It helps to engage them in various activities. Senior participate groom’s students through their professional experience.

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UCP Takleeq

The University of Central Punjab dedicated not to produce only globally competitive professionals but also innovative job creators. Takhleeq Business incubator is the base of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities at UCP. Takleeq runs a world-class incubation program. It organizes the events and lectures on the entrepreneur of UCP.

It provides a platform to determine entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups to make their business ideas a reality. Takleeq is also involved in creating fertile ground for innovative entrepreneurs to UCP. Working alongside the Entrepreneurship Society, the student council and various faculties at UCP. Takleeq host the guest lectures, seminars and workshops.

UCP Takleeq


Collaboration and networking is the key to any business in today’s world. Takleeq is a member of the prestigious frontiers incubator. This accelerates in the Asia Pacific region. However, collaboration results in start-up access and investors. After passing through the hard period Takleeq has gone on to create amazing products and services. Takleeq offers a full-time fellowship for student interest in joining the entrepreneur.


UCP Societies and Clubs

There are a lot of societies and clubs, which works in UCP. These are given below;

 Catalyst Society

At UCP, every student has to complete 65 hours of volunteer work. The Volunteers in Service-VIS department organizes volunteer campaigns for students. Catalyst society takes on several activities during the whole year including the following, but not limited to:


  • Relief Works
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Medical / Health Camps
  • Seminars and Lectures

The areas of operation of the Catalyst Society are:

  • Literacy
  • Hygiene
  • Health
  • Gender Equality
  • Human Rights
  • Other Social Issues

Usher’s Club

The club provides a platform for students through which they can shape their personalities. The club organizes symposiums and extensive training for personality grooming. Presentable, energetic and confident personalities speak highly of the beauty of the Ushers Club. Ushers club is one of the best clubs in UCP.


The Ushers Club at UCP manages and organizes all the mega-events like;

  • Orientations
  • Convocations
  • International Conferences
  • Annual Concert
  • Cultural Fests, etc.

Dramatic’s Club:

Dramas, short plays, mimes, and skits have been regular features of the Dramatic Club’s repertoire at welcome parties, concerts and other events held at the university. The basic aim of the UCP Dramatics Club is to motivate individuals who lack confidence. They work to convey a positive message to the audience through entertainment and highlight social issues present in our society. Through this platform, students gain confidence, improve their public speaking skills and learn to express themselves.


UCP dramatic club performs drama’s in many events like welcome party etc. They also arrange a specific drama season.

Jihad for Zero Thalassemia (JZT):

JZT (Jihad for Zero Thalassemia) is a non-profit, volunteer organization launched and maintained by the students of the University of Central Punjab, Lahore. The society hopes to grow into the largest network of volunteers united to fight against the disease. JZT’s project has been initiated by the students of UCP. Many students from other universities have also shown eagerness to join JZT as a chapter.


  • Thalassemia walk
  • Blood donor camps.

Sports Club:

Sports are an integral part of the extracurricular activities at the University of Central Punjab. Some highlights of the sports agenda include league tournaments of badminton, basketball, cricket, hockey, soccer, table tennis. Apart from campus activities, students take an active part in inter-university tournaments such as cricket, badminton, tug of war, table tennis and other physical activities. The Sports Club also provides the enrolled students with a semester-long membership of the gym, swimming pool, and other sports activities.


  • Annual sports gala
  • Cricket Championship.
  • Mr.UCP Championship.

 Debating Society:

This has established itself as one of the most distinguished debating societies of the country. It not only plans to instill the art of public speaking into its members but also works towards intellectual development. This is the reason DEBSOC UCP has won numerous tournaments all over the country and plans to widen the circle of achievements to international borders. Debating Society conducts;


  • TEDx
  • Trilingual Declamations
  • Asian Style Parliamentary Debates and Youth Parliaments annually.

Music Society:

UCP Music Society brushes-up the innate abilities of students in singing and music. Some prominent Pakistani pop-stars such as Atif Aslam, Mustafa Zahid, and Gohar Mumtaz are the proud alumni of UCP. The society organizes regular workshops on improving instrument-playing skills in guitar-playing, drumming, piano, flute, and violin besides inviting eminent musicians to talk about various genres of music.


  • Concerts
  • Sufi Night
  • Dj Night
  • Battle of Bands
  • Voice of UCP.

Islamic Guidance Club:

The UCP Islamic Guidance Club provides a platform for students to learn about the true spirit of Islam. This club develops conscientious personalities through their sharp judgment can distinguish right from the wrong. The club organizes conferences, symposiums, and interactions for students to develop their assertive attitudes.


  • Start of Ramzan
  • Start of Rabi ul Awal
  • Islamic Conferences

NISA Society:

NISA is dedicated to women empowerment; a society that provides a platform for female students to showcase their talent. NISA is responsible for organizing functions and seminars mostly related to women. The glitz and glamour of the society are capsuled in the Fashion Bonanza. Furthermore, society has joined hands with Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital and Pink Ribbon for the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.


  • Nisa Night
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Seminars.
  • Fashion shows.


UCP Photography Club:

The UCP Photography Club covers all major university events and provides a golden opportunity for students who want to enhance their photography skills. The Club has also successfully organized photo walks in The Walled City of Lahore to showcase rich traditions and culture through the students’ own lens. The club also hosts an exhibition to promote photography among students.


  • Photo Walk

Character Building Society:

The Character-Building Society was formed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in various Universities. The club provides interactive sessions with well-known speakers at the campus. CBS motivates students to harness their social, ethical and academic values in consonance with the educational and cultural curriculum.

Health Club:

The UCP Health Club facilitates its members in the completion of their research projects related to formulation development, clinical trials, bioequivalence studies, and other survey-based research activities to highlight the health issues of the community.


  • seminars
  • symposiums
  • workshops
  • healthy competitive activities across various disciplines of health.

Society for Mechanical Engineering:

This society works to promote the discipline of mechanical engineering by developing students’ interest in their subjects and applications. The society also provides opportunities to the students to participate in engineering events. It works to develop strong academia-industry linkages by involving students and the faculty. SME also arranges industrial tours for the students and conducts seminars and competitions.


  • Engineering olympiad

Association of Computer Machinery:

ACM is an international computing society dedicated to the advancement and development of all aspects of information technology. Our members’ qualifications range from technical expertise to gaming warriors and from developers to ethical hackers. Thirst for learning to hack? We offer workshops for you. ACM UCP emphasizes on providing the best ways to keep the thrills coming.


  • Games Competition.
  • Programing Competition
  • Clash of coders.

Psychology Society:

This society implements the psychology discipline in many ways in practical life to spread awareness among laymen regarding the importance of many prevailing psychological issues.


  • Mental Health Week, which is held once a year.

UCP Media Club:

The UCP Media Club organizes activities like workshops, seminars, and competitions based on arts and the basic domains of media such as journalism, film, drama, graphics, creative art, radio content, fictional and non-fictional writing, photography, videography, music and all other information and entertainment-based activities. The club also provides coverage to mega-events that are held at UCP.


  • workshops
  • seminars
  • competitions based on domains of media.

IEEE- Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers:

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest association of technical professionals. IEEE strives to put forward its objective in advancing electrical and electronics engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering, and allied disciplines-both educationally and technically.


  • Mind-Bridge(Spring Semester)
  • Summer of Games (Summer Semester)
  • Questia (Fall Semester)

TEC-The Entrepreneurship Club:

The Entrepreneurship Club (TEC) intents on providing a culture of intellectually stimulating activities such as;


  • the Harvard Business Case Method Competitions
  • Hell Week
  • the Rockefeller’s Executive Program
  • Book Meets
  • Business model building
  • Mentors’ Week Sessions by Entrepreneurs from the different industries who come and share their experiences.

Ulrich’s HR Forum:

Ulrich’s HR forum (lead towards professionalism) is a platform designed to provide opportunities to the students of UCP so that they may network and interact with management and human resource professionals. The vision of the Ulrich HR forum is to develop the student’s potential and enhance their HR knowledge by bridging the gap between academia and HR professionals.


  •  training workshops
  • career counseling sessions
  • a panel discussion on the latest HR trends
  • webinars by eminent speakers
  • HR-related case study competitions and networking activities.


Society of Life Sciences:

This society organizes multi-topic scientific conferences, seminars, and training workshops focusing on Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Forensic Sciences for postgraduate students.

Disaster Management Society:

The purpose of the Disaster Management Society at UCP is to train students and the community to cope with emergencies like natural calamities. Disaster Management Society is necessary for providing a platform within the university’s setting to provide the student body the opportunity to participate in managing activities for the resilience of communities. The membership of this society is offered on a voluntary basis.

Marketing Association of Aspiring Executives (MAAE):

The Marketing Association of Aspiring Executives helps students bridge the gap between the corporate and the academic sector. Marketing Association provides access to certain avenues like Apprenticeships, Corporate Training, Internships, Market Insights, Success Stories, Business Conferences, Seminars, and Industrial Visits. We help our members face the emerging challenges of business and technology.


  • Business Conferences and seminars.

Society for Electronics & Telecommunication

The Society for Electronics & Telecommunication provides a platform for the students of Electrical Engineering to gain new insights into their field and to get a chance to enhance their practical skills as well. Students showcase their practical skills through intra-university as well as inter-university competitions at the national level.

UCP Literary Society

The UCP Literary society promotes healthy reading and writing habits among students. The Society organizes an annual play based on famous literary texts such as Shakespearean Plays. This helps the students showcase their talent using society as a platform.


  •  Spellathon
  • FreeStyle Writing and Essay Writing competitions which help create a healthy zealous environment for the young upcoming writers.

Young Economist Forum

The Young Economist Forum (YEF) is a student-run organization mandated to enhance the experience of students studying Economics at the University of Central Punjab. It provides a platform for UCP students interested in the study of economics to interact with one another, exchanges ideas, and develop the public understanding of important economic, social and political issues.

Pak – China Society

Keeping in view the importance of Chinese Language and CPEC, UCP has established the Pak – China Society under the CPEC Center of Excellence, Chinese Language. This society enjoys collaboration with Confucius Institute & Tsinghua University for Cultural Exchange Programs.


  • Chinese seminars.

UCP Adventure Club

UAC aims to serve as a medium for students to embark on different adventures, satisfying their need to explore. From Muskhpuri top to as far as Naltar Valley, UAC wants students to realize and appreciate the beauty of Pakistan. UAC arrange different tours for their students.


  • Arrange tours to different hill stations.


The Fine Arts Fraternity of the University of Central Punjab is a group of people who cherish art. Our areas of experimentation include Calligraphy, Illumination, Sketching, Painting, Designing, Illustration, Fresco, Pottery, Sculpture, Puppetry, Conceptual Arts, Decorative Arts, Communication Arts, Crafts and all spheres of aesthetics.


  • Competitions of Sketching, painting, poetry, etc.

UCP Law Society

The University of Central Punjab Law Society equips students with the skills necessary to successfully pursue a career in law. It provides its members the opportunities to travel and socialize with a wide legal network, it is a great way to start a legal career, testing courtroom skills during the study and compete in national events.

Society of Civil Engineers

Society of Civil Engineers aims to enhance the educational experience and to provide practical knowledge to members. Students are encouraged to participate in group activities that allow them to develop personal and professional relationships, learn leadership and organizational skills, and serve the community.

Environment Protection Society

The Environment Protection Society (EPS-UCP) deals with the human and natural environment and aims at using the resources of the University in a way that trains students to protect the environment.


  • Seminars to protect the environment.

Inclusive Student Society

The Inclusive Student Society (ISS) UCP is the first-ever student community in Pakistan that is run by both disabled and non-disabled students. The aim behind the society is to create mutual understanding and to ensure the idea of ‘oneness’ among disabled students as it shuns inhumane ideas of discrimination and paves the way to give due respect to people despite their disabilities or shortcomings.

Admission And Scholarship:

You need to the following requirements for the ucp admission. Just scroll down and know more about it.

  1. Rules And Regulation
  2. Programs offered in Fall 2019
  3. UCP Scholarship
  4. Fee Structure
  5. How to apply
  6. Admission Guideline

UCP building A
UCP building A

  • Rules And Regulation:


Fee Refund:

Paid fee is never refundable for existing students. Only in a few cases of the new-students fee is refundable.

  • The applicant was a result awaiting and failed to achieve the required percentage of the selected course.
  • Written withdrawal submitted.
  • If the university is not offering the selected program.



In first semester registrations are done by concerned Dean’s office. Moreover, In remaining semesters Students have to register themselves in Sections and courses. Firstly, the date and time of Registration are announced. Secondly, Students have to register on time.


For undergraduate programs(engineering and pharmacy not included) the minimum percentage is 45 or 2.00 CGPA (in semester system). For Pharmacy and Engineering, minimum marks are 60%.

Semester Freeze:

If a student wants to discontinue the program, Then he has to submit a written application to the dean in the first week of the semester. If the dean accepts the application then a student can go on vacations. For next Semester Registration Student have to consult the Dean first. Furthermore, If a student goes on vacation without informing the Dean will be dropped from the University role.

Withdrawal of Course:

If someone wants to withdraw a subject. They can submit a written application to the relevant dean one week before Final exams. If Dean accepts the application then Student will be withdrawn from the course but ‘W’ will be shown on the Transcript. The submitted fee will not be refundable.

Attendance Policy:

A student has to maintain 80% of attendance in each course. Student maintaining less than 80% of attendance will be withdrawn. Four leaves are approved in each course no fine on approved leaves. Furthermore, Two non-approved leaves are allowed on 3 credit hour course with Rs.500 fine on each. Five non-approved leaves for 4 credit hours course with same fine.

UCP provides the quality of education
UCP provides the quality of education

UCP Grading Policy





4.00 90 to 100
A- 3.47 86 to 89
B+ 3.33 81 to 85
B 3.00 77 to 80
B- 2.67 72 to 76
C+ 2.33 68 to 71
C 2.00 63 to 67
C- 1.67 58 to 62
D+ 1.33 54 to 57
D 1.00 50 to 53
F 0.00 Below 50
W —- Withdrawal
I —– Incomplete
N —– Continued
P/F No Points



Incomplete Degree(I):

‘I’ is assigned to those who didn’t attempt final exams with the permission of Dean. Dean permits those students who have some valid reasons. The student has to retake the final exam within two weeks. Furthermore, New grade should be reported within four weeks, otherwise ‘I’ will be changed to ‘F’.


Students have to maintain CGPA above 2.00 for registration in the new semester. On the other hand, 2.50 CGPA is required in the Master’s level.’

How to calculate CGPA?
  • Firstly, Multiply Grade points with the credit hours of each course.
  • Secondly, Divide the sum of these products with total credit hours.

Credit hours of ‘I’ and ‘W’ courses will not be added.

Repetition of course:

Previous grades will appear on the transcript. A student with ‘F’ grade must repeat the course. Furthermore, If a student wants to improve the grade and obtain below C (undergraduate) or C+ (graduate) then he can repeat the course.


If a new student wants to transfer his/her credit hours or course he can apply for this but have to consider the following points:

  • The course must be similar to UCP’s course.
  • The previous institute must be HEC approved institute.
  • Grade in transfer course must be above C.

Programs offered in Fall 2019:

In Fall 2019 UCP is offering following courses:


Faculty of Management Studies:




BBA Hons. (4-year program)
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Must have at least 45% marks or 2nd division.
BS (Accounting and Finance) ——
  • At least 45% marks or 2nd division.
  • Management and Organization.
  • Finance and Business Economic.
  • Information and Operations.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • Marketing.
  • Minimum 2.00 CGPA in BBA(Hons.), B.Com(Hons.) or equivalent.
  • At least 2.50 CGPA in BS(Hons.) or 16 years of non-business education.
  • 2.50 CGPA or 2nd division in BA/B.Sc/B.Com or equivalent.
MBA Executive Program(2 years program) ——
  • 16 years of education with 3 years of professional experience.
MS Business Administration (2 years program.) ——-
  • Minimum 3.00 CGOPA or 1st division in BBA(Hons.)/ Masters or equivalent.
PhD in Business Administration ——-
  • Minimum 3.00 CGPA or 1st division in MS/ MPhil or equivalent.

Faculty of Engineering:




B.Sc Civil Engineering (4-years ) ——
  • 60% marks in Pre-Engineering / A-Level or DAE in Civil.
B.Sc Electrical Engineering (4-years)
  • Electronics and Telecommunication.
  • Power Engineering.
  • At least 60% marks in Pre-Engineering/DAE in Civil or A-level.
B.Sc Mechanical  Engineering (4-years) —–
  • At least 60% marks in Pre-Engineering/DAE in Civil or A-level. Furthermore, A-level students have to submit an IBCC equivalent certificate,
M.Sc Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering (2 years program) ——
  • At least 2.00 CGPA in their pre-rec degrees
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering ——-
  • Minimum 3.00 CGOPA in MS/M.Sc or equivalent in Electrical Engineering. Furthermore, the Student has to clear UCP’s test.


Engineering Technology Department
  • Sc. Civil Engineering Technology (4-Years)
  • Sc. Electrical Engineering Technology (4-Years)
  • Sc. Mechanical Engineering Technology (4-Years)

50% marks in F.Sc /A-level or diploma with the same background.

Faculty of Information Technology:



BS Computer Science (4-years)
  • Minimum 50% in intermediate with mathematics and have to clear one of the  following tests:
  • UCP test.
  • NTS
  • HAT.
BS Software Engineering (4-year)
  • Minimum 50% in intermediate with mathematics and have to clear one of the  following tests:
  • UCP test.
  • NTS
  • HAT.
MS Computer Science (2-years)
  • Minimum 2.00 CGPA or 60% in BSCS/BSSE/BSIT or equivalent  and clear one of the following tests:
  • NTS GAT-General
  • UCP test
Ph.D. in Computer Science
  • Minimum 3.00 CGPA in MS/M.Phil. CS and have to clear on of following tests:
  • NTA GAT-Subject
  • UCP test

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences:




BS-English Language and Literature (4-years )BS-Psychology (4-years )BS-International Relations (4-years )BS-Economics (4-years )
  • Development of Economics
  • Business Economics
  • 45% marks or second division in intermediate.
MS/ M. Phil. Applied Linguistics (2-years) —–
  • 2.50 CGPA or 2nd division in MA/BS English.
MS/ M. Phil. English Literature (2-years) —–
  • 2.50 CGPA or 2nd division in MA/BS English.
MS Psychology (2-year) ——
  • 2.50 CGPA or 2nd division in M.Sc./BS (psychology major)
MS/ M. Phil. Economics (2-years) ——-
  • 2.50 CGPA or 2nd division in BS/BBA?MBA or equivalent.
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology ——-
  • First of all, MS/M. Phil. In Clinical Psychology from HEC recognized university or a minimum of 3.00 CGPA of abroad university.
  • Secondly have to clear test GRE (60% marks), UCP test (70% marks).

Faculty of Media and Communication Studies:




BS Media and Communication Studies (4-years )
  • Advertising and PR
  • Professional Journalism (TV, Radio, and Print)

Film and Theatre StudiesMass Communication and Research

  • 45% marks or second division in intermediate.
MSc. Journalism and Mass Communication (2-years) —–
  • 45% marks or second division in intermediate.
M. Phil. Media and Communication (2-years)
  • Thesis Based
  • Project-Based
  • 2.50 CGPA in Masters or BS (4-year) degree in Mass Com or equivalent.

Firstly, the criteria for remaining degrees is minimum 3.00CGPA in Mass Com or equivalent. Secondly, Programs are:

  • Media Culture and Society
  • Development Communication
  • Global and Intercultural Communication
  • Mass Communication
  • Social Media, Media, and Politics
  • Semeiotics
  • Gender Studies
  • Media Management
  • Rhetoric Communication

Faculty of Pharmacy:



Pharm.D (5-years)
  • minimum of 60% in Pre-medical or A-level.
M.Phil. Pharmacy
  • Minimum 2.00CGPA or 2nd division in Pharm.D/B.Pharm. Secondly, Have to clear test and interview.

Faculty of Life Sciences:



First of all, there is a list of 4 years program.

  • BS-0Biotechnology.
  • BS-Microbiology.
  • BS-Biochemistry.
  • BS-Food Science and Technology
  • minimum 45% marks or 2nd division in Pre-medical or A-level.
M.Sc. Biotechnology (2-years)
  • minimum 45% marks or 2nd division in B.Sc.
MS Biochemistry, Biotechnology, or Microbiology (2-years)
  • Minimum 2.50 CGPA or 2nd division in BS/M.Sc. Secondly, have to clear one of the following tests:
  • NTS GAT-General (interview)
  • UCP test
Ph.D. Biochemistry or Microbiology
  • Minimum 3.00 CGPA in MS/M.Phil. relevant field and have to clear on of following tests:
  • NTA GAT-Subject (interview)
  • UCP test

Faculty of Sciences:

Above all, FOS offers five 4 year programs with the same criteria:

  • BS-Physics.
  • BS-Mathematics.
  • BS-Chemistry.
  • BS-Zoology.
  • BS-Botany.

Secondly, their criteria are:

At least 45% marks or second division in inter or equivalent with a related subject.

Faculty of Law:

FOL offers one program LL.B (5-years), and its criteria are minimum 45% marks or 2nd division in inter or equivalent.


  • Scholarships:

If we talk about Scholarship there are 3 types of Scholarships:

  • Merit-Based.
  • Discount.
  • Need-Based.

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If we talk about Merit-Based scholarships, there will be further 3 options like new-students, existing students or UCP home students (MBA program)

Merit-based Scholarships.
Merit-based Scholarships.

Firstly, There are Scholarship Criteria for New-students. Scholarships will be valid only in the first semester after that you have to maintain your scholarship criteria.



>= 3.95 (100%)

>=3.90 & < 3.95 (75%)

>=3.50 & <3.90 (50%)

>=3.25 & <3.50 (25%)

>=3.00 & <3.25 (12.5%)

>=3.90 (75%)

>=3.50 & <3.90 (50%)

>=3.25 & <3.50 (25%)

Secondly, Merit-based Scholarship for Existing Students.Furthermore, after first Semester students have to maintain their CGPA for the scholarship.




>= 3.95 (75%)

>=3.50 & <3.90 (50%)

>=3.25 & <3.50 (25%)

>=3.00 & <3.25 (12.5%)

>=3.90 (75%)

>=3.50 & <3.90 (50%)

>=3.25 & <3.50 (25%)

Thirdly, Here comes another meit-based scholarship for UCP Home Students (MBA program)

>=3.50 (75%)

>=3.00 & <3.50 (50%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (25%)


After Merit-based scholarship here comes Discount Based Scholarship.


Firstly, new students can avail this scholarship in the first semester. Secondly, they have to maintain their CGPA too for a merit-based scholarship.




Management Sciences 50% in 1st semester


>=3.25 (50%)

>=3.00 & <3.25 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)

25% in 1st semester


>=3.00 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)

Arts & Social Sciences 50% in 1st semester


>=3.25 (50%)

>=3.00 & <3.25 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)

25% in 1st semester


>=3.00 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)

Pharmacy 25% in 1st semester


>=3.00 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)

25% in 1st semester


>=3.00 (25%)

Life Sciences 50% in 1st semester


>=3.25 (50%)

>=3.00 & <3.25 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)

25% in 1st semester


>=3.00 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)

Engineering 25% in 1st semester


>=3.00 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)

25% in 1st semester


>=3.00 (25%)

Information Technology 25% in 1st semester


>=3.00 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)

25% in 1st semester


>=3.00 (25%)

Law 25% in 1st semester


>=3.00 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)

Media Communication 50% in 1st semester


>=3.25 (50%)

>=3.00 & <3.25 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)

25% in 1st semester


>=3.00 (25%)

>=2.50 & <3.00 (12.5%)



Firstly, there are two types of kindships:

  1. PGC or UCP: 25% discount on the 1st semester and 25% on >=3.00.
  2. UCP only: 50% discount on the 1st semester and then 50% on >=3.00.
Disabled Student:

UCP offers up to 100% scholarship to disabled students they have to maintain CGPA above 2.50. Furthermore, if there CGPA is between 2.00 – 2.50 then 25% allocated discount will be canceled.

Co-curricular Activities:

Firstly, This scholarship varies from case to case. Secondly, the Committee decides the concession on the bases of student’s performance.

UCP Faculty-members:
Work Experience: 5 years 3 years
Discount: 50% 25%
CGPA: >=3.00 >=3.00


Discount-based Scholarships
Discount-based Scholarships

EMBA Program:
No. of participants: 2 3-4 5 and above
Discount: 25% each 40% each 50% each

Financial Aids:

Thirdly, UCP offers Financial Aids to needy students.

Firstly, a new student must clear his inter in the first division. Secondly, for existing students, Students have to maintain their CGPA above 3.00 for this scholarship. Furthermore, this scholarship is also valid for those students whose fathers or Guardians died.

  • Fee Structure:

Every program in each Faculty has a different fee structure. You can find ucp fee structure below;

Degree Courses Credit Hrs. Fee per course Admission Fee Total Fee 1st semester
BSCS 41 132 31,500 25,000 1,316,500 182,500
BSSE 42 132 25,000 25,000 1,075,000 1,50,000
MSCS 10 30 31,500 25,000 340,000 119,500
PhD 6 (furthermore research thesis) 48(18 30) 31,500 25,000 Firstly, 214,000

Secondly, 340,000

BBA 42 126 27,000 25,000 1,159,000 160,000
BS 41 126 20,000 25,000 845,000 125,000
MBA (7 semester) 31 96 27,000 25,000 862,000 160,000
MBA(5 semester) 23 69 27,000 25,000 646,000 160,000
MBA(4 semester) 11 33 31,500 25,000 371,500 119,500
MBA Executive 18 66 30,000 40,000 760,000 80,000
MCom 24 72 18,500 25,000 469,000 117,500
MS Business Administration Firstly 8 courses.

Secondly, thesis.

48 (18 30) 31,500 25,000 214,0000

(Furthermore total = 340,000)

PhD Accounting and Finance 6 (Research Thesis) 48(18 30) 31,500 25,000 214,000 (340,000) 119,500
BS International Relations 44 132 16,000 25,000 729,000 121,000
BS Psychology 43 133 18,000 25,000 790,000 115,000
MS Clinic Psychology 12 COURSES+ THESIS 43 26,000 25,000 376,000 116,000
PhD Psychology 6 research thesis 48 (18 30) 31,500 25,000 34,000 119,500
BS English Language and Literature 39 130 16,000 25,000 649,000 105,000
MS/M.Phil. Applied Linguistics 10 30 26,000 25,000 285,000 103,000
MS/M.Phil. English Literature 10 30 26,000 25,000 285,000 103,000
BS Economics 43 130 16,000 25,000 7713,000 105,000
MS/M.Phil. Economics 12 36 26,000 25,000 337,000 129,000




Degree Courses Credit Hrs. Fee per course Admission Fee Total Fee 1st semester
Pharm D 53 198 31,500 25,000 1,663,000 214,000
M.Phil. Pharmaceutics 8 30 31,500 25,000 417,000 151,000
BS Biochemistry 45 134 18,000 25,000 790,000 115,000
BS Microbiology 42 132 18,000 25,000 763,000 115,000
BS Biotechnology 47 134 18,000 25,000 826,000 115,000
BS Food Science and Technology 47 136 18,000 25,000 826,000 115,000
MSc Biotechnology 19 (+THESIS) 66 18,000 25,000 340,000 106,000
MS Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology 8(+ thesis) 30 31,500 25,000 340,000 151,000
Ph.D. Biochemistry,


6 (+thesis) 48 (18 30) 31,500 25,00 340,000 119,500
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering 41 136 35,500 25,000 1,409,500 202,500
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering Technology 36 135 17,000 25,000 603,000 1,10,000
MSc Electrical Engineering 10 30 31,500 25,000 340,000 119,500
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering 6 ( Research thesis) 48(18 30) 31,500 25,000 340,000 119,500



Courses Credit Hrs. Fee per course Admission Fee Total Fee

1st semester

B.Sc. Mechanical engineering 42 134 37,500 25,000 1,450,000 193,750
B.Sc. 37 136 17,000 25,000 6,20,000 1,10,000
MSc Mechanical Engineering 10 30 31,500 25,000 340,000 119,000
B.Sc. Civil Engineering 43 133 37,500 25,000 1,506,250 193,750
B.Sc. Civil Engineering Technology 35 137 17,000 25,000 6,11,500 110,000
M.Sc. Civil Engineering 10 30 31,500 25,000 340,000 119,500
BS-Physics 48 133 15,000 25,000 677,500 100,000
BS-Statistics 42 128 16,000 25,000 681,000 113,000
BS-Chemistry 44 136 15,000 25,000 647,000 107,500
BS-Botany 42 130 15,000 25,000 640,000 107,500
BS-Mathematics 42 128 15,000 25,000 64,000 107,500
BS-Zoology 42 135 15,000 25,000 617,500 107,500
BS-Media and Communication Studies 43 132 23,000 25,000 1,062,500 162,500
MSc Journalism and Mass Communication 22 67 23,000 25,000 519,500 151,500
M.Phil. Media and Communication Studies 8 (+thesis) 36 28,000 25,000 305,000 137,000
Ph.D. in Communication Studies 6 (research thesis) 48 (18 30) 31,500 25,000 340000 119,500
LL.B 56 166 30,000 25,000 1,705,000 205,000

Admission office
Admission office

  • How to Apply?

University of central offer admissions twice a year. Spring and Fall admission. Some courses are offered only in Fall Admissions, such as Engineering, Pharmacy, Law.

For applying follow following steps.

1: For finding information about programs, visit our Campus or official site University Of Central Punjab

2:After completing the First Step, if the student is interested in any program then he can apply by completing the online form is available at Admission or can visit the Admission office too.

3: After filling the form, students can pay fees online or bank transfer. Furthermore, they can pay in the Admission office too.

4: After submission of Form the candidate will be issued his/her reference number along with admission test date as well as the venue or interview date(if any). Take the prints.

5: After Test merit list will be displayed on its official site.

6: If your name is in merit list then you will receive an acceptance letter through the mail. Furthermore, here your candidate mailing address(UCP mail) will be used.

7: Students who get acceptance letter will be required to deposit their fee within the deadline for getting their registration number and semester details.

If you have any query feel free to contact the Admission Office. Students are expected to attend orientation.

  • Admission Guideline:

First of all, you are required to choose your payment mode as we discussed in point 3.

If you choose online or bank transfer option then follow the following steps.

Step 1: Secondly, Visit site Admission and click on the line Not registered yet? Click here. Which is below the sign-up button.

Click on "Not registered yet?"
Click on “Not registered yet?”

Step 2: After clicking on it, A new window will open fill it.

Fill the information
Fill the information

  • In the window, the tabs with red * are mandatory. without filling them you cant signup.
  • CNIC# is an ID card or Bay Form #.
  • In the Program section, all offered programs are available so just choose your interested program.
  • After Signing up you will receive mail with your user name and password.
Now, let's discuss the second option. Payment in the Admission office.

If you paid in the Admission office you will be issued the username and password there. After getting that follow the following steps.

How to submit your Application?

Step 1: Visit Admission than Fill the username(Reference Number) and password which is assigned to you and click on Sign up.

Step 2: After signing up successfully, the main dashboard will appear. After that change the picture.

  • Firstly go to the top right corner of the Dashboard and click on change picture.
  • Secondly, select a recent picture and it will be uploaded.

Step 3: In the Form Section there will be an admission form click it.

Step 4: Choose your preferred course, furthermore don’t forget to choose your preference 1. After that click on submit to save it.

Step 5: After step 4 press next, then Personal Information Section will appear. Fill it, * sections are mandatory. After filling save it, Furthermore, in case you want to change it edit, and then save it.

Step 6: After step 5 press next, then academic record section will appear.

  • Firstly, press ‘+’ for adding data.
  • If your result is not declared yet then chose ‘waiting’ in result status.

Step 7: When you will enter the academic record, the form will require some attachments. Take pics of your attachments and upload them.

Step 8: Furthermore, add your experience or co-curricular activities.

Step 9: Before submitting your form, Candidate will see scholarship options. Choose the scholarship option and submit your form.

  • After submitting your form Print admission form.
  • Pay your fee.
  • After dues payment option of interview/test will appear in your portal. Download it.


If we talk about a good thing there is always some negative points about that. Here we are going to discuss a few of them.

Mosque Issue:

There are a lot of buildings in UCP but I am sorry to say there is no proper mosque in university. In parking, a small area is considered as a Mosque. On the day of Jumma, there are a lot of difficulties occur when people come to pray Jumma Prayer.  There is no air-conditioning system here. Due to this, the temperature is too moist or warm. Vehicles smoke also here due to parking. After the Jumma prayer, it becomes very ripe. I hope, University management focuses on this issue. The mosque is an essential need for those who prayers.



C building  parking:

There is an addition in UCP which is C building. The new building makes UCP more spacious but there is an issue with its parking. The issue is cars are not allowed in C building parking only motor-cycles can be parked in it, which is not convenient for the students, employees or any other staff member of C building.

parking in building A and B
parking in building A and B

No. lift in building for students:

Except C building students are not allowed to use lift. Only in a few cases students  can use lift:

  • In B building students can use lift only for the library because the library is on the 5th floor. Furthermore, it’s available on the 1st floor and will directly take you to the 5th floor. You can’t stop anywhere else.
  • A building only those students can use lift who have special permission card which proves from pro-rector. Doesn’t matter other students have to go to the 3rd or 4th floor.

No lifts for Students. Only Faculty members and staff can use.
No lifts for Students. Only Faculty members and staff can use.

Sitting Place:

Above all, In UCP lack of sitting place for visitors is a big issue. There is no proper sitting arrangement. There are few benches in the Lobby and outside of the lobby, but these are not good as there is a lack of conditioners. Furthermore, its to difficult to sit there in Summers. Students sit on stairs, around Fountain, or on floor.

For girls, there are common rooms in building A, B, and C.

Girls common room'C Building'
Girls common room ‘C Building’

Student Support:

UCP provides some platforms for students support.

Career Service Office:

CSO is the best student support which provides information about each and everything. For instance:

  • Jobs.
  • Abroad Study.
  • UCP Career Fair.
  • Internships.

The main objective of CSO is to groom their students and makes them well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to countries progress.

CSO makes sure that their graduated and current students make correct decisions. A large number of internships and jobs are offered to UCP students by CSO.

The largest event of CSO is called Career Fair. In this fair large number of companies come and tell about themselves and provides different opportunities for the graduates of that year. So, there are many UCP jobs but you need to find what suits you best. Apart from this, UCP careers office is always there to guide the students.

For more details about CSO Visit


The student portal is an amazing site for students. The portal contains all the record of Students regarding their semester. Recently up re-designed the student Portal.


UCP Student Portal/UCP Portal

Note: You can search UCP online on the browser to find the UCP student portal.

Every student logins their portal with their username and password. Student portal:

  • Home

Home Of Student Portal
Home Of Student Portal

Students can view there TimeTable.

  • Student-Service


  1. Student-Information: It contains each and every record of a student.

    Student In formation
    Portal’s Student-Information
  2. Transcript: Students can download there Transcript any time. The transcript contains the previous record of a student.
  3. Leave Status Report: This portion contains the record of the leaves a student takes in each course.
  4. Report a Problem: If a student has any problem regarding Add/Drop Registration or Advising he/she can report the problem in this section.
  5. Library Portal: It contains record about student’s library activities.
  • Courses

In this portion, a student can view the courses he/she has read and the courses in which he is registered in the current semester.

Course Details
Course Details

  • Academic Planning
  1. Main Registration: Main Registration is a registration which is done at the time of admission. Furthermore, it contains the record about each and every semester.
  2. Advising Registration: This registration is adviced in each semester except 1st.
  3. Road Map And Time Table.

Academic Plan
Academic Plan

  • Complaint

If a student has a complaint he/she can report a complaint through this section too.


There are many branches of UCP including UCP Faisalabad, UCP Bahawalpur, UCP Multan, UCP Gujrat, UCP Sialkot and UCP Gujranwala etc but UCP Lahore campus is their main campus. So, when are you applying and coming to UCP?

UCP Lahore Contact Number: 042-35880007

Find more about UCP Admissions: University of Central Punjab-Website


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