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Meet a Billionaire – Azad Chaiwala

Who is Azad Chaiwala?

Azad Chaiwala was born in Manchester. His parents belong to Pakistan. He started his first business at the age of 12. However, he made his first million at the age of 21. Azad Chaiwala is a British serial entrepreneur and a businessman of Pakistan origin.

Moreover, Azad Chaiwala is the CEO and founder of the Second Wife and Polygamy marriage websites. Anyhow, he is quite proud that he does not have a degree. He spent his 5 years in Dubai and married there. Additionally, he took his group of sites to over 50 million unique visitors in a single month.

Azad Chaiwala
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The journey of Azad Chaiwala

At the age of 12, He decided to be a polygamist. After making his first million in the UK, he got married at the age of 22. However, he informed her wife about his future plan which was about having multiples wives and 20 children. But After a decade he is still with one wife.

azad chaiwala
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Throughout his teenage years, the British Muslim blocked out his desire to marry numerous women and instead focused on growing multiple businesses.

 Chaiwala said:-

“No family member wanted to help me”

He found that finding a second wife online is not that much easy as he thought. Still, he kept on searching but realized that there are no options on the web which would help him. However, that was all the push that the 33-years-old businessman needed.

A serial entrepreneur set up a dating website to help Muslim men, facing the same problem of finding the second wife. In the past, he had built almost a dozen web-based businesses, which were clocking over 50 million unique monthly users.

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Start of a Career…

Azad Chaiwala has started from nothing, but now his products have been enjoyed by over a billion people in the year. Chaiwala launched SecondWife.com in 2014. After reaching profitability with the venture, he opened a second website, Polygamy.com in 2016, to facilitate non-Muslim polygamous marriages.

azad chaiwala
credit: https://www.businessinsider.com

However, membership across both sites is “just touching 70,000” and that is responsible for at least 100 marriages. The number of couples who have sent him thanks to your letters. He suspects that there are 400 or 500 more. However, despite his success as a polyamorous matchmaker, Azad Chaiwala has so far been unable to find his own second wife.

Thought of Azad Chaiwala…

He believes these one million millionaires could take Pakistan out of economic devastation and make the country economically independent. Right now, startups are the only way out for the country, he said. This mission will have a great impact as it will create thousands of jobs. Chaiwala reminded people that business is also a Sunnah but this has been forgotten.

azad chaiwala
credit: https://www.businessinsider.com

The education system in Pakistan is merely theoretical, he argued. In the contemporary world, specialization in every field is needed, said Chaiwala. He is soon going to start his own institute at which youngsters will be trained for a few months and will be able to start their own businesses. It takes four years to acquire a computer degree but at this institution, it will take only a month to learn the same, he claimed.


azad chaiwala
credit: credit: https://www.businessinsider.com

The Motive of Businessman – Azad Chaiwala

He told SAMAA on its show Naya Din on Friday.

“I want to use my skills and train youngsters to start their own businesses. It is fun and a good deed.”

Azad Chaiwala’s motives are to help 1 million young Pakistani to become millionaires by starting their own business. His goal is to concentrate on the youth of Pakistan and India. Moreover, most of the videos are in 2 languages. Urdu for Pakistanis and Hindi for Indians. He motivates the youths through his YouTube channel. He spends a lot of time helping youngsters through his channel.

Chaiwala says:

Practical knowledge experience can never be beaten and is far easier and quicker to acquire

azad Chaiwala
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