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8 Best Places to have dessert in Lahore

If you’re living in Lahore or just visiting the great city you should know that food’s a specialty of this city. And by any chance, if you have a sweet tooth these are some places you should definitely hit for the best desserts.


The Hotspot

For years now I’ve been going to the hotspot. It has never disappointed me at all.

supersonic super fudge sundae

All ice creams are homemade which have a unique taste to it. Although it might be a little steep on the pricing it is worth it.

If you happen to go here I would recommend the supersonic super fudge sundae, the Nutella brownie, banana split and the famous brownie with ice cream.

Arcadian Cafe

Despite the arcadian cafe being a fine dining restaurant they also have

molten lava cake

the best dessert as well. I would highly recommend you to try their famous molten lava cake and sizzling skillet brownie with ice cream.

These two desserts are the best finishers for a dinner out. They would hit the spot.

The Sweet Factory

Rather a small set up. But I’ll give them one thing they are really creative. Creative in the sense that they know how to mix things up. Providing their

sweet factory Lahore

customers with some really delicious desserts. If you happen to swing by in defense Y block do try them out.

Recommendations, their ice cream cones. I found them to be the best. Other than that they have all the essentials anyways.

Spice bazaar

Spice Bazaar is a rich desi cuisine restaurant. It is mad expensive a point to be

Gulab Jaman

noted. I want some desserts on this list to be desi too. So if you happen to swing by spice bazaar their special Ghulab Jaman will be best you eat.

Served in a metal chalice. So what is so great about these Ghulab Jaman? Well, they are served in a specially prepared syrup. When I first tried them I was just stunned for a while. This dessert will be unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

However, there one issue as mentioned earlier before they are really expensive. For only two Ghulab Jaman served in syrup cost more than Rs 500/-. That is damn expensive.

Butlers Cafe

Butlers cafe is without a doubt expensive. But their dark chocolate desserts are perhaps the best in Lahore. Located at the MM ALAM roundabout. If you’re in the

butlers chocolate cafe Lahore

mood for something rich and off the chains Butlers is for you.

English Tea House

Mainly famous for their breakfast, still they have an amazing variety of desserts at

English tea house

their disposal. The atmosphere is just really mellow and soft. I really like that in a place. ETC is up there for serving one of the best-molten lava cakes in Lahore

It is because of them the well known molten lava cake got that insane amount of hype. Other than that they also have very nice baked goods for takeaway as well.


Maro Tandoor

If you’re in the mood for something really cheap and on the go Maro Tandoor

Nutella naan

, might be for you. Their Nutella naan is just so rich and delicious. If by any chance you’re out with your friends and can’t seem to find a place for dessert. Look no more Maro Tandoor has got you covered.

Chaudairy Ice Cream

Their main slogan is your favorite ice cream in only 250/-. They basically specialize in ice curls. With a good substantial menu to pick from. Moreover, the

chaudairy ice cream

taste is good and you can get ice-curls in under Rs 300/-. Which is just amazing for people like me.






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