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7 Days challenge; Dare to accept

Most of you are free for your summer vacations and some of you might be praying to get it soon. So, you have plenty of time to accept the dares and perform them. We have 7 interesting dares for all of you and we dare you to do them. It would be more fun if you do it with your siblings, friends, and cousins, etc.


7 Days challenge; Dare to accept

  1. Say ‘NO’ to Sugar: According to this task, you are not allowed to consume more than one spoon of sugar per day. Remember! That spoon is not the serving spoon but the teaspoon and no sweet edibles.7 Days challenge; Dare to accept
  2. Rise up with the Sun: You need to get up early in the morning and without consuming anything; you need to walk for 30 minutes at 5 am. You are highly encouraged to disturb others sleeping in your house and raise them up early too.7 Days challenge; Dare to accept
  3. Chef-to-be: How many of you are food lovers-FOODIE? Then, you would love to cook for seven days. For this dare, you need to cook 7 different dishes all 7 days. (I’m not saying to make 7 dishes per day; one dish per day). You can have a competition with any of your sibling/friend/cousins to complete this dare faster.7 Days challenge; Dare to accept
  4. Ditch Your Social Sites: It would be hardest dare to accept because we cannot imagine our any day without social sites. The social sites are the lifelines. Is not that right? Then ditch your this lifeline for just 7 days. (Welcome to Stone Age!)7 Days challenge; Dare to accept
  5. Compliment Week: For the purpose, you need to give a compliment to every person you talk to and every time. Even if you are meeting with that person frequently in a day.7 Days challenge; Dare to accept
  6. National Speaker: English is our national language and we run away from the fact. You need to become a national speaker for 35 minutes every day until the 7th day. The dare is to speak in English for 35 minutes and record it. This task is for the people who avoid speaking in English and are shy ones.7 Days challenge; Dare to accept
  7. Write Letters: You have to write 7 letters to 7 different people per day for 7 days.   Tip: Try it with 4. It will help you to survive during the period you perform Dare number 4.

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Reasons For These Dares:

  1. We are consuming a huge quantity of sugar which is harmful to our health. The first dare will help you to control your sugar consumption.7 Days challenge; Dare to accept
  2. Usually, we spend our days sleeping and we stay up late at night. This is increasing depression in the people of all ages. According to several types of research, rising sun reduces the depression factor and the person feels energetic whole day. Therefore, become active with this dare.7 Days challenge; Dare to accept
  3. There is a trend of going to restaurants every next day and even several times in a day. We all know that health and safety act is not properly implemented in most of the restaurants and the food can ultimately make us sick. Still, we prefer restaurants over homemade food. The dare will keep you healthy at your house and you will enjoy it with you fellows. See More: How Lahoris Should Spend Their Eid?7 Days challenge; Dare to accept
  4. Excess usage of social sites is not a hidden fact. We try to spend every minute on it and miss the joy around us. The dare will help you to step in the real world rather than the imaginary world. There are many people who want your time and attention but you remain busy using your smartphones.7 Days challenge; Dare to accept
  5. It is good practice to compliment others which we practice a little.7 Days challenge; Dare to accept
  6. Most of our population avoids talking in English and they think how they sound while talking in English. So, the task is designed to motivate them to speak up and listen to the recording. The happiest part is that you can delete that recording afterward before anyone else listens to it.

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    7 Days challenge; Dare to accept

  7. Writing letters is a dying trend. We can revolve the practice again. It feels so good when you actually wait for the letter, get from the postman, open it and finally read it. When are you writing then?7 Days challenge; Dare to accept

You can share your pictures performing these tasks with the title of the dare and we will share them on our Facebook page. So, are you ready to accept our dares? Our Mashwarah is to accept it and have fun in your summer vacations!

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