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7 best Chai Dhabas in Lahore, Pakistan.

If you are a Desi and you don’t like Chai than you are not from this world. Chai is considered as a relaxing antidote in Pakistan, one sip of a chai can bring you such peace that cannot be measurable. The aroma of this hot beverage cannot be challenged by any other beverages. If you are a chai lover and wanted to try some best chai dhabas, worry not, we are here once again to help you out with our free valid mushwarah. Let’s get into the details of the best Chai Dhaba in Lahore, Pakistan.

Top 7 Chai Dhaba in Lahore

1. What a Paratha:

Here come first What a Paratha. a unique taste with a desi style. As by name it is also clear that what a paratha not only deals in chai but they also make some tasty parathas. they have different varieties of paratha, wraps and bread. They offer three types of chai which are:

  • Karak Chai 
  • Masala Chai 
  • Doodh Patti
  1. Karak Chai:

Karak Chai is a regular chai with karak patti which is especially for those who love strong tea. Enjoy Karak Tea with Karak Bachat for only Rs.85

2. Masala Chai:

Masala Chai includes Nutmeg, Cardamom and Cinnamon. Despite the usage of high-quality ingredients Masala Chai is still economical and cost you for only Rs.95

3. Doodh Patti:

With low patti and more milk What a Paratha makes their Doodh Patti special and it will cost you Rs.105 per cup.

What a Paratha with its major success in providing High-Quality Economical Chai and Paratha now have 6 branches in different areas of Lahore. Where? Here are the few branches you can visit.

  • WAP1: Phase 1, DHA , Lahore
  • WAP2: Phase 6, DHA , Lahore
  • WAP3: Main Boulevard Market, Gulberg , Lahore
  • WAP4: Allama Iqbal Town , Lahore
  • WAP5: Anarkali, Mall Road , Lahore
  • WAP6: Shadiwal Chowk, Johar Town, Lahore

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2. Sarrak Pe Karrak:

Sarrak pe Karrak is the second best place to enjoy tasty chai with your love ones. With their unique name and unique chai attract many customers which become their fan as you can also play Luddo while enjoying tea. They are offering 7 types of chai which includes

  • Karrak Chai Rs.120
  • Doodh Patti Rs.120
  • Elaichi Chai Rs.130
  • Chai Latte Rs.150
  • Green Tea Rs.80
  • Chochlate Chai Rs.100

Kaarak py Sarak currently providing their services in Model Town, Lahore.

3. Chaaye Khana:

Well well well! Chaaye Khana is probably the one Dhaba which is offering you multiple varieties in Chai. You will be surprised as they offer

  • Herbal Tea which have 14 flavors,
  • Oolong Tea with 2 flavors,
  • White Tea with 5 flavors,
  • Green Tea with 16 flavors,
  • Rooibos Tea with 9 flavors and finally
  • Black Tea with 15 flavors.

This is insane. You can also check their menu on their official website. In Lahore they have two branches one in DHA and one in MM Alam Road.

4. Maro Tandoors:

Maro Tandoors is very famous because they are the ones who first time ever introduce one of their special product which was Naan. But their Naans are unlike other Naans as they offer different varieties like Nutella Naan and Pizza Naan. Besides this, they also offer 2 kinds of Chai.

  • Regular Chai Rs.99
  • Cardamom (Elaichi) Chai Rs.79

In Lahore their branch is located in Model Town. Must visit and enjoy delicious Naan with Hot Chai.

5. Chai Kada:

Next in the list of best chai dhabas comes Chai Khada. One of the finest Chai Dhaba in Lahore. Chai Kada offers 13 kinds of Chai with Desi touch. You will feel the Punjabi culture in their setting. One of their best selling Chai is Tandoori Chai, they also offer following

  • Karak Chai Rs.199
  • Doodh Paati Rs.199
  • Maalai Mar’ Rs.199
  • Truck Chai Rs.199
  • Adrak Chai Rs.199
  • Tandoori Chai Rs.249
  • Chanda Chai Rs.215
  • Zaffran Chai Rs.249
  • Bombay Cutting Chai Rs.215
  • Indian Masala Chai Rs.215
  • Kashmiri Chai Rs.249
  • Special Chai Rs.250

Chai Kada have 3 branches in Lahore, they have in Gulberg III, in DHA phase 3 and one near Paragon City.

6. Chai Junction:

“See The World Through Tea” that’s the tag line they use for their business and they also prove it. Believe it or not, they are offering 37 types of Chai. If you are interested and curious about tasting all these flavors, don’t forget to visit them in Gulberg III after reading our Mushwarah.

7. Lakshmi Chowk Chai Dhaba:

Kashmiri Chai is one of the finest types of Chai. This pinkish hot beverage with pistachios and almonds in it have a delightful taste and pleasant aroma. If you like Kashmiri Chai then you must visit Lakshami Chowk Chai Dhaba you will not regret it.

These are the top 7 best Chai Dhabas. If you have any place for the best Chai comment below. We love to hear your mushwarah.

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