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6 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy And Cancer Free

Nowadays, cancer is too common. There are so many things that cause cancer. There are 6 things which can keep a person healthy and cancer-free.

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6 Ways to Keep yourself healthy and prevent Cancer:

Six behaviors that can make you healthy and can lower the risks of Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, and Osteoporosis. It’s not complicated to deal with them if you are adapting these six habits.

  1. Maintain Healthy Weight.
  2. Exercise Regularly.
  3. Don’t Smoke.
  4. Eat Healthily.
  5. Protect Yourself From the Sun.
  6. Screening Tests.


  • Maintain Healthy Weight:

It’s easy to say that maintain a healthy weight but not easy. It has some categories. Firstly, if you are overweight then try not to gain more and after some time try to reduce some extra pounds. Secondly, if you already have a normal weight than keep it.

6 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy And Cancer Free
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  1. Eat vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
  2. Integrate physical activities.
  3. Choose small portions and eat slowly.

Tips for guardians:

  1. Limit TV and Computer time for children.
  2. Encourage co-curricular activities.
  3. Encourage snacking on Fruits and vegetables.


  • Exercise Regularly:

Physical activity is too important to keep yourself healthy. 30 minutes of activity every day will keep you healthy. Moreover, more than 30 minutes is better. Give some time to yourself in a busy routine to keep yourself healthy and active.

6 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy And Cancer Free
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  1. Choose a favorite activity for instance dancing, gardening.
  2. Fix a time for physical activity.
  3. Exercise with someone to keep yourself motivated.

Tips for guardians:

  1. Play active games with kids.
  2. Encourage them to play outside.
  3. Walk with them to school.

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  • Don’t Smoke:

Smoking is not good for health itself. If you are a smoker then leave it as it can cause many diseases. Furthermore, more than 1,000 people stop for good every day.

6 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy And Cancer Free
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  1. Keep trying, It often takes 6 or 7 tries.
  2. Talk to the health care provider or Rehabilitation center.
  3. Join quit-smoking programs it will encourage you.

Tips for Guardians:

  1. If you smoke quit it as soon as possible it can damage your children’s health.
  2. Don’t smoke in a car or house.
  3. Tell your children about the dangers of smoke.


  • Eat Healthily:

Now a healthy diet is not that difficult as it was. If you want a healthy diet than focus on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Moreover, keep red meat to a minimum don’t leave it as it is important for your body too. After consulting a doctor or physician you can take the multivitamin.

6 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy And Cancer Free
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  1. Make fruits and vegetables a part of a meal.
  2. Instead of red meat choose white meat.
  3. Choose whole-grain or brown rice.
  4. Make dishes with olive oil.
  5. Don’t eat fast food.


  • Protect Yourself From Sun:

The heat of the Sun can cause skin cancer so protect yourself from the Sun. Moreover, In childhood, it affects more which means the protection of kids is more important.

6 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy And Cancer Free
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  1. Protect yourself between 10 am to 4 pm.
  2. Wear hats, full sleeves, gloves, and sunscreen.
  3. Avoid sun lamps.

Tips for guardians:

  1. Buy tinted sunscreen.
  2. Protect yourself to aware of your children.

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  • Screening Tests:

There are a lot of Screening Tests that work differently. Firstly, there are few tests that find cancer early, when it is treatable. Secondly, few tests help to keep your body cancer-free. Moreover, there are few cancers that should be tested regularly for example Breast cancer, Colon and rectal cancer, cervical cancer, and lung cancer.

6 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy And Cancer Free
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