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5 things you’ll probably miss after graduating from UCP

It’s been almost 3.5 years since I enrolled at UCP for the BBA program. I will be graduating soon this year hopefully! Since this will be my last year at UCP here are something that I will miss being a UCPIAN. Hence if you’re someone who’s also graduating this year then you might share some of these things that I’m about to share with you all.

NOTE: This article will be from the perspective of a business school student. So if things don’t add up to you then don’t worry I’ll cover some basic aspects that all UCPIANS share.


Basement Parking

Pakistan has an extreme climate. The heat can get unbearable at times. I cannot think of any university that offers basement parking. From the very beginning, I’ve been a car guy. So to be able to have access to basement parking is like a blessing in disguise.

I don’t know how many times I’ve parked my car in UCP’s basement and be thankful. Yeah yeah I know I know it might sound silly but trust me it’s one of the main things that I’ll miss when I graduate from UCP. I know where ever I go even if it’s a job or to another university for masters I won’t get basement parking.

To be able to return to your cool car in a 45-degree climate is honestly a huge relief.


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Long weekend (only for Business students)

UCP may very well be the only university that is on only for 4 days a week. This is only for business students at UCP. Skip this point if you belong to another department.

I cannot stress this enough when I say this that I’ll highly miss the long weekends. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Coming back on Monday is the worst feeling. But I get goosebumps every time I think about “NO LONG WEEKENDS” once I’m out of UCP.

It’s funny how we take things for granted until they gradually fade off. A perfect explanation for what I’m feeling right now. But it is what it is. However, in many ways besides the long weekend, I felt that it recharged me for the week up next. It made things a lot easier and at some point in my mid semesters, I actually looked forward to attending classes from Monday onwards.


Rooftop Cafeteria

As much as I hate to admit this I will miss the rooftop cafeteria that UCP built-in C block. And I’m not alone others studying there can very well relate to this.

You know what’s good about the rooftop cafeteria is that it is best in the winters. The ambiance is really nice. It almost feels like that you’re not even at UCP. In the summers the inner hall of this cafeteria is chilled to the bone. Making it the place that people dash towards for relief.

I might’ve gone to the rooftop cafeteria only a couple of times and still highly regard it. It really showed me that if the management put some more efforts they came make UCP incredible. In addition, sweet affairs opened recently at this rooftop cafe. So go check it out but I’m sure you’ll appreciate the ambiance more than the food.


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Sports Complex

During my first year at UCP, the sports complex was a paid facility. Every student had to pay 2000 PKR in order to get access to the various facilities. However, luckily by the time I started going there the management made everything free there.

5 things you'll probably miss after graduating from UCP
Credits “ucp.edu.pk”

Credits “ucp.edu.pk”

Credits “ucp.edu.pk”

They totally revamped the gym and it is actually worth going to. The swimming pool is quite nice as well. Although, the depth of the pool is just adequate reaching a maximum of 6 ft. There were two aspects that I really liked about the swimming pool at UCP, firstly the cleanliness is highly maintained. Secondly, the pool is temperature control. Therefore go and dangle in the pool. It will be smoothing as well as fun too.

The sports complex also has a small game room mostly used for table tennis. The sports complex is a win-win situation for every UCP student. It’s free as well as facilities given are top-notch. How can you not miss this place being a UCP student?

Course Registration (only for selected departments)

Pre allotted courses are given only in the first year. So beyond that, the ball is in your court. You can choose your own courses. What you like to study. Prioritize some specific courses that you would like to study first.

The great thing about this is that you get a sense of responsibility. It makes you feel that the courses are not forced upon you. A choice was given to you. Moreover, registering your own courses gives a vibe of international universities. Besides LUMS no other university in Lahore lets you do this.

When you’re in your university it’s all about the instructor and this course registration also reveals which course is being taught by which teacher. I cannot stress this enough when I say that online course registration saved my GPA from crashing.

All the famous and most enrolled programs let you register your own courses. For example, the BBA program, ACF (Accounts and Finance), Computer science and others too. Unfortunately, the Biotechnology departments don’t let you do this. Pre allotted courses in the game there.


Yes, it is a fact that UCP is not perfect. Matter of fact it is far from perfect. UCP lacks in some major ways. Making it an incomplete university for the most part. For instance, it doesn’t have a mosque. It doesn’t have a playground for in campus sports. For every chance, I get I’ll ridicule UCP to the maximum for not having a mosque and a playground.

But in the end, UCP is my university and everything has its pros and cons. Hence this article tries to highlight the pros instead of cons. As all the negative aspects are remembered by everyone. Nobody tries to recollect the positivity. Hence, if you’re a UCPIAN positive if not sure that you’ll be able to relate to these things.


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