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5 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

The world has been hit hard by this new profound idea of entrepreneurship. It’s an epidemic. And I mean it in a good way. The concept of entrepreneurship was always there from the very beginning. It was not until the mid of last decade that we got to see entrepreneurship plummeting in the minds of people. Every third person is developing their own business idea in Pakistan.

Believe it or not, this specific industry, if you might say, is growing rapidly. In addition, some of the ideas and small scale businesses have grown quite large. Consider Johnny & Jugnu they were also a small start-up. Nobody knew that people would grow so fond of their food. Don’t know about the defense branch but they must be pressing money in this Johar town branch.

The kind of business ideas in Pakistan are generated tells us that there is massive potential here. However, with the lack of resources and backward thinking of our people, it is really hard to start executing it. I firmly believe that if these business ideas in Pakistan are backed up by some serious collateral it could be a turning point for us all. This is in reference to the economy of Pakistan as well. It could be a major shift if more grant money and stuff like that are given to the business ideas in Pakistan.

If you lack motivation or don’t think you can start up a small business then Shahid Hussain Joya is a golden example for you. Shahid Hussain Joya went from being a sweeper to owning his own factory. CEO of Falcon Chemicals & businesses as well as a successful YouTuber with over 300,000 subscribers. Roughly 5000 people have started their business on his guidelines.

Therefore with that being said here are some good small business ideas for the people here in Pakistan:


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1. Home-made Baked Goods:

If you look at the trends of the past few years you’ll see an extreme hype in desserts. The famous molten lava cake has us all dripping water from our mouth. Rich gooey chocolate brownies that are worth dying over. Stuff like this and I’m not getting into other baked goods. These dishes get people riled up.

5 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan
Credits “umeke.wordpress.com”

Hence, if you’re a food lover like myself then this might be something that interests you. Making baked goods at home is not that hard. Moreover, selling them can be tricky. So here is what you’ll need to do first:

  • Create a good Instagram page with an attractive logo.
  • Buy all the ingredients in bulk. (This will save you time and a one-time investment.)
  • Start making different dishes. (Pasta, desserts, lasagna or pizza)
  • Post the newly made dishes on your page.
  • Be consistent as regular posting is healthy for the page.
  • Word of mouth is key so make sure that you give out dishes as a sampling base. Sometimes friends of friends can generate a spark.

And there you have it some basic pointers on starting a home-based cooking business. Remember there is no capital involved. There is just a good hefty investment in the ingredients needed. You can mold this business model as to your liking. Maybe widen the horizon and not being specific to baked goods.


2. Home-based tutoring/ academy

Kind of feels repetitive doesn’t it, first two business ideas in Pakistan starting with home. People often have a perception that our home is private and this and that. NO! From day one you have been investing in your home. Buying unique expensive furniture or renovating it in some form.

People don’t even notice this but their home becomes a liability. However, you can fix that by actually using your home to your advantage. If you are someone who has their bachelor’s done or even their A levels can start home-based tutoring. Nonetheless, there is a heavy pre-requisite to tutoring that, you must have educational skills.

5 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan
Credits “emergingedtech.com”

Now don’t go all scared and whatnot in even your O levels done you can teach a 6th grader. It is just a matter of taking a step towards a newer thing.

So first you have to figure out what subject is your strongest suit. Therefore, let’s suppose that I have a good grip on Maths. Work on developing a good portfolio. Hence later advertising on that bases. Remember never to stick to a single subject broaden your horizon. Along with maths, you could teach English or Physics.

So what you’ll need to get started:

  1. Get yourself books for the subject that you’ll teach. (Buying them from the old book corner is the best option.)
  2. Designate a specific spot in your home for tutoring.
  3. Buy a whiteboard just in case.
  4. Always be upfront with fee structure and timings.

Starting out this particular business only requires you to have skills in teaching and education. Having knowledge of the subject matter is of the utmost importance. Moreover, your deliverance to your student matters a lot as well. Regardless, of all these requirements you must have the patience to teach as every student has a specific learning curve.

Through the statistical analysis, home-based tutoring can earn you at the very least around 20 to 25,000 PKR. Considering that as a starting point you charge a minimum of 5000 PKR from a single student and have almost 4 to 5 students at the very beginning.


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3. Event Planner

I would highly advise you if you’re in your university years or in your intermediate then don’t lose sight of MUNs. To many students, they seem a fluke but in practicality, they are the best platform for training you to manage events and all.

So event planner is a great small business endeavor that requires not capital but good reliable links. You need to be social enough to start an event planning business. It amuses me that good art colleges and universities teach this as a course and sometimes as a degree. However, event planning is all about having good management skills. Working in cutting edge deadlines and most importantly delivering the best of the best.

5 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan
Credits “booklu.blog”

Starting an event planning business requires you to be on your toes at all times. There are no breaks. No weekends and no off days until the event has been covered up, executed and reached its climax. Event planning is an extremely broader business. At one point you could be hired to plan a wedding reception and at another instance a birthday party.

Some rough linkages

I cannot highlight some particular things that you’ll need to start an event planning business. If you’re thinking of going into event planning then you would need links with good food catering companies, linkage with decent musicians for Qawali nights, people who have a business for providing backup generators in case of load-shedding and drummers (dhol Bajane Vala). Only to highlight a few major links that you must have.

Although there is no heavy investment needed to start an event planning business you would need a good office to look more professional. A good Instagram and Facebook page is ought to be developed. Snapchat to cover the events that you planned for promoting yourself. Event stories can also be posted on Instagram and Facebook too.

For those of you who are worried that an office is a necessary requirement, well don’t be. If you’re a student who wishes to start this business then social media pages should suffice. However, those of you who are looking to doing event planning full time an office is a must.

Moreover, before you enter into the event planning business there are some precautions that are to be taken of the utmost importance.

Precautionary Measures:

  1. When a client hands you advance that is not to be played with. Use it wisely and sensibly.
  2. Delivering what was promised is key. Plan ahead of time and have replacements of suppliers at all times on the go.
  3. Always have the latest rates for caterers or musicians at your disposal.
  4. You must be willing to go the extra mile and bargain yourself a good price.
  5. Be vigilant when it comes to cost fluctuations.
  6. You should have a decent amount of money other than the client’s advance to cover the miscellaneous expenses. Eventually, returned by the client.

One major slip or a bad word of mouth could be a kill to your event planning business. I would recommend you all to work on every event like it is your last. Strive for perfection then and only then you could achieve greatness.


4. Mobile oil change

You might be confused with this business proposition but bear with me. It’s 2020 a great and exciting time in the world. Especially in Pakistan as it undergoing changes like never seen before.

People are experimenting trying out completely new things and surprisingly profiting for it. So here I present to you a mobile oil change business. In this new era without a doubt, you would have a conveyance. A vehicle or a bike. Instead of just burning petrol and roaming around you can do something productive in this time.

Basically the mobile oil change is a business model in which you would be providing oil change to a third person at their doorstep. Standing in a workshop during extreme heat waiting your turn for an oil change is tedious and downright exhausting.

5 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan
Credits “mobiloil.com”

With mobile oil change, you would be making people’s lives easy. Isn’t that the whole point of entrepreneurship to create a business idea that makes people’s lives easy side by side presenting something unique?

Well, a mobile oil change is that sort of business. Now here are some basic requirements that you’ll need to get started:

  1. Hire a skilled technician who knows his ways around a car.
  2. Buy motor oil of specific brands in bulk as well as oil filters.
  3. Air filters can be bought as well but are optional.
  4. Purchase specific tools needed for an oil change.
  5. Get a container for disposing of residual oil.
  6. Create social media pages to promote your unique business idea in Pakistan.

Before starting this business-particular business do a quick survey on motor oil. Visit at least 5 different oil changing workshops and do a trend analysis. Which specific motor oil is bought frequently? What brand of motor oil is preferred by people considering their vehicle type? Specific oil filter that is widely used in cars.

5 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan
Credits “newsus.app”

Through this analysis, you would know exactly what you’ll need to buy. Hence, your investment would not be in vain. It will be a calculated somewhat risk-free investment.


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5. A Technical Writing Business

People often forget how important in technical writing. A technical write up can either make or break an organization depending upon the writer’s competence. A technical writer works with technical information to fulfill a number of company objectives. Their job may include writing manuals, official documentation, or how-to guides.

Even for startups, a technical writer is important. Considering the number of startups being developed 3 out of 5 must require a technical writer to explain their mission/vision statement. The standard SOPs and also policies.

5 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan
Credits “clickhelp.com”

The great thing about this business idea is that you can render your services from being at home. All you need is an established domain and forming a legal entity. This will let your clients know that you’re not some random person with a laptop trying to write. You’ll emit a professional vibe. Ultimately, attracting clients.

Define your brand and set up a niche. By doing so you’ll have a particular target market to focus on. Most people leave this part vague and this can be problematic. For this business to work you need to clearly identify your targeted market. You just cannot write for anyone as it all comes down to the area of expertise.


Therefore, other than the pointers specified above there is not much to technical writing. Like all businesses you need to take a leap of faith and see where you stand. Moreover, if you doubt yourself Shahid Hussain Joya is a great example for you. He started with nothing and now has created an empire for himself. You should follow his guidelines or get advice from him.

At the end of it, all small or large scale businesses all require undivided attention. A devotion like never seen before. Consistency and perseverance is the key to being successful.

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