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17-Year-Old Becomes the Youngest Pakistani to Climb 8000m Mountain

Youngest Pakistani Mountaineer

Pakistan is a nation of talented people who never stop to make us proud. Mountaineer Shehroze Kashif has become the youngest Pakistani to climb an 8000m mountain. Shehroze mounted the Broad Peak summit (8047 m or 26400ft) on July 15.

Youngest Pakistani Mountaineer
credits: propakistani.com

Kashif’s Story Is Enough To Inspire Anyone:

Apparently, he climbed the Broad Peak located in the Karakoram mountain range, which is about 8047m and considered as the fourth highest in the country. His father has mentioned that Kashif might be climbing the Mount Everest next year to claim the title of the youngest mountaineer in Pakistan to summit the highest mountain gracing Earth.

Kashif’s father gave various details about Kashif’s starting point for mountain climbing. He said that Kashif started at the age of 12 as he climbed a 3000m peak. Then, as he grew, he collectively increased his pace to climb better heights to now achieve his current title. Kashif’s love for mountain climbing started when he saw hikers on their way to climb a peak, during a trip with his father. Abbas admits that mountain climbing is dangerous and scary for his young son. Considering the various cases of mountaineers going missing although climbing. The thought of a family member suffering through the same is alarming. However, he hopes the best for his son and prays that Kashif can achieve other significant titles through this hobby. He added that Shehroze will attempt to climb Mount Everest next year to become the youngest Pakistani mountaineer to summit the world’s highest mountain.

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Kashif’s Achievement:

Nevertheless, Kashif’s achievement will serve as a revelation for the country while benefiting the Pakistani youth in a positive way. This is not a simple achievement because it proves to be a generous reminder for Pakistani youth to pursue their dreams as well. These aren’t frequent cases where a 17-year old would wish to climb the highest mountain in the world.

credits: pakpeeks.com

Is motivation is important for these achievements?

yes, motivation is too much important for these achievements.  Motivation is necessary to keep young people aspired. Because of motivation youngsters achieve their goals and targets.

Example of 10 years old girl:

Adding onto Pakistan’s success with young mountaineers, a 10-year-old girl Selena Khawaja became the youngest mountaineer to summit a 7000m Spantik Peak. She is the youngest ever in the world to achieve this feat. Many celebrities also congratulated the child over her success. Moreover, it appears that these achievements might initiate a new wave of mountain climbing lovers in Pakistan. Hence, these children slowly changing past perspectives.

credits: suchtv.pk

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