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10 New Year’s Resolution Mushwarahs

Here Are 10 New Year’s Resolution Mushwarahs

1. Learn To Be Happier in Your Life

How can you suppose to build happiness skills if you are not aware of ones you are struggling within the first place? This is why it’s helpful to jaw down your happiness strengths and weaknesses. For getting a better understanding of what these skills are  about, and learn how can you improve upon your weaknesses and build your “happiness strengths.”

20 New Year's Resolution Mushwarahs

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2. Start Saving Money

  • The first step to start saving money is to find out how much you spend.
  • Keep track of all your expenses

20 New Year's Resolution Mushwarahs

3. Become More Confident & Take Some Chances

  • If you really want to improve your confidence, you need to consider taking more risks.
  • Do not hesitate to get some input on ways to boost your confidence.

20 New Year's Resolution Mushwarahs

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4. Stop Being Late All The Time

Its good to be punctual. First of all, figure out how long things really take. Do all the morning preparations the night before. Write down why you were late.

Make new year’s resolution of Stop being late anymore!

20 New Year's Resolution Mushwarahs

5. Be More Responsible

  • Being more responsible is admirable.
  • Being responsible can seem much hard at first, but if you keep at it, it will become second nature to you!
  • You should keep your promises and commitments that you’ve made responsibly.

20 New Year's Resolution Mushwarahs
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Moreover, Drinking Water Before Going to Sleep

6. Play More

  • Play is an important part of your life it is a source of relaxation and stimulation for everyone. In addition, it makes you more creative and productive.
  • Bring play activities into your life by making it a New Year’s resolution.

20 New Year's Resolution Mushwarahs
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7. Face your Fears and Insecurities

When you decided to do something, stick to that thing. When you face your fear you gain self-confidence and height of happiness. After facing your fear you’ll be motived. Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them

8. Give More to Charity

  • To devote your energy and time to helping those in need is a noble gesture. This is a reward in itself, but it is also an opportunity to meet new people.
  • Learn new skills and boost your resume.
  • Give blood
  • Donate your stuff
  • Donate your skills

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20 New Year's Resolution Mushwarahs
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9. Set Aside One Hour to Achieve Your Dreams

Stop telling yourself that you simply don’t have the time to full fill your dreams. Whatever your dream you can accomplish those dreams in just one-hour-a-day. In life, if you do not move, maybe you do not go back, but where are you going? Over time, as you get older, you can become smarter, but do you realize something? Instead of letting yourself go, reacting to what life brings you, why not try to take proactive steps to create what you want in the future? When you can not control everything that happens to you, you can control yourself by setting goals to achieve your big dreams.

If you one hour in a day to achieve your most important dream in 2020, by the end of the year you’ll have devoted 365 hours to that dream. Not bad!

20 New Year's Resolution Mushwarahs
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10. Take Breaks From Social Media

Social media has a negative effect on our happiness. By choosing to take breaks from media or changing the way we use can boost our happiness.

Taking a break from social media is the best way to reconnect with the people and activities that really motivate you. Before logging off, identify why you have to wish to take a break. Select the duration of the break


20 New Year's Resolution Mushwarahs
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