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10 Best Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacations

It is the start of June and we all are waiting for summer vacations, eagerly. It would be one of the hottest summers in Pakistan, so we need to stay at home and prefer indoor activities till the sunsets. Do you have any plans for summer vacation? Do not worry, I have a list of activities that you can perform and enjoy your summer vacations.


  1. Learn to Play an Instrument: According to a few kinds of research, playing music involves both sides of the brain and it increases memory capacity and better coordination. Are you giving it a try?
  2. Learn Any Language: Our native language is Urdu but the official language is English. Apart from this, there are several regional languages in Pakistan. You may learn any one of them or any foreign language. You may start with Spanish and Italian because these are the easiest languages to learn.SUMMER VACATIONS
  3. Make a list of books to read: Well, nowadays the trend is of reading books are not common among the people but I highly encourage developing the reading habit. There is a long list of benefits. (If you need the best list of readings, we have a Mashwarah for that too! Just mention in the comment below and we will provide you one)SUMMER VACATIONS
  4. Learn a New Skill: Summer vacations are the right time to concentrate on developing your new skills according to your interest. These skills will ultimately benefit you in your career.SUMMER VACATIONS
  5. Start Earning: It is another brilliant option to spend your summer vacations. Do not give an argument that you are a student and you cannot do it now. Here are some ideas to earn as a student: How can You Earn Money as A Student in Pakistan- MashwarahSUMMER VACATIONS
  6. Volunteer to Social Work: There is a number of welfare organizations and they all aim to develop a better community. You can easily find many of them. Be part of any welfare community and you will definitely feel good by serving them.SUMMER VACATIONS
  7. Apply For Internships: Usually, the companies open internship opportunities for college and university students so that they can gain some experience. Therefore, you should apply to your prior company and work with experienced ones to polish your own skills.SUMMER VACATIONS
  8. Discover New Places: You can discover many restaurants, historical places, and other sites. It all depends on you but it is the right time to enjoy and discover the beauty of Pakistan. See More: Best Budget restaurants in LahoreSUMMER VACATIONS
  9. Learn to Cook: Are you a foodie person? Even if you are not, you can cook for your closed ones. You will never get bored making new dishes because there is a range of cuisines with respect to regions of the world.SUMMER VACATIONS
  10. Start Gardening: As I have already mentioned that it would be one of the hottest summers, so plant more trees and plants. It will not only benefit your mental, physical and social well being but also benefit our plant “The Earth”.SUMMER VACATIONS

Which activity did you like the most? Do you have any other plan for this summer vacations? Share your summer vacations plans with us!

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