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10 Best Places To Travel In 2020

Traveling is an energy drink for many people who love visiting new places. Each year many people around the world visit different places inside and outside their home country. Traveling helps you to think creatively and it provides you peace of mind. If you are a person who loves traveling and enjoy being in new places then here is our mushwarah on top 10 best places to travel in 2020.

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Best Places To Travel In 2020:

These are the best places to travel in 2020. If you are a nature-loving person and love spending time in nature then these places are specifically for you. Let’s read about those places.

  1. Palawan, Philippines:


The Philippines is an Asian country. It has more than 7 thousand islands. Palawan island is the biggest one which is located in Palawan. You can sail and enjoy the world’s longest underground river. You will be closer to nature. A crystal clear water enables you to see underwater marine life clearly.

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  1. Bali, Indonesia:


Bali is the island in Indonesia. Indonesia is also an Asian country situated between the Indian and Pacific ocean. It has more than 17000 islands. The famous one is Bali. This place has many temples and known best for yoga and meditation. There are also many beaches in Bali which are close to nature.

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  1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia:


French Polynesia is a small country that gets its country status in 2004. This country has many black and white sand beaches. It has almost one hundred islands. The Bora Bora island is one of them which is very famous because of overwater bungalow hotels. It is the best place for couples to visit.

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  1. Saariselka, Finland:


Finland is the European country that is close to nature. This country also has a youngest prime minister which is Sanna Marin. The country is well known for its innovation, cold weather and beautiful places. One of the beautiful places in Finland is Saariselka. It’s a village in Finland which is close to wildlife and nature. The best resort this place has is the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. You can enjoy the best night view from this igloo-shaped glass resort.

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  1. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland:


Lauterbrunnen is a village in Switzerland. Switzerland is also a European country which is well best known for its beautiful landscapes. Lauterbrunnen village is surrounded by high mountains and waterfalls. It has greenery all over the place that enhances its beauty.

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  1. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica:


Forest are important as they maintain the overall temperature in the area. They are also good for cleaning air pollution. Costa Rica is a place that is full of national parks. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is also in Costa Rica which allows visitors to explore, learn and enjoy this wonderful ecosystem.

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  1. Mount Fuji, Japan:


Mount Fuji is located in Japan. It is an active volcano that last erupted in 1707. Mount Fuji is one of the mountains which is considered sacred by japan. It is 3776m in height which looks so beautiful and magnificent. Hiking summits are also conducted here.

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  1. Santorini, Greece:


Greece is a country that is famous for its ancient western civilization. This country also has many islands.  Santorini is one of them which is very famous because of whitewashed small houses. It also has a beautiful landscape that enhances the beauty of this island.

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  1. Cappadocia, Turkey:


Turkey is one of the countries which is loved by many Pakistani people and indeed this country is worth visiting. You can visit different places like The Blue Mosque in Istanbul or Cappadocia. This area is located in central Turkey and famous for its hot air balloons which are called fairy chimneys. You can enjoy the ride in this to see Turkey from the top. These fairy chimneys make the sky more beautiful.

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  1. Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt:


Egypt is known for its hot weather and ancient pyramids. These pyramids are called Pyramids Of Giza. If you love learning about history you must visit this place to understand and develop your knowledge regarding these pyramids.

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These are the 10 Best Places To Travel In 2020. If you have any other in your mind do comment below and subscribe to our YouTube Channel Mushwarah.pk for more updates.

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